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Thread: Use of Vesta Blessing to another player

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    Default Use of Vesta Blessing to another player

    Since we have Fleet Feet and can be used to other players why cant we have the same with vesta blessing to teammates?

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    the two are not comparable. You can buy fleet feet and other buffs, which are designed to promote team play.

    Vestas are a reward, they were introduced years ago to alleviate some of the need to bot. It's like asking why ivory horns, penicillin and corselets can't be used on other people. That's just not what those items are for.

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    cush has a point... and he is right

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    What cush said.

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    Wouldnt it be nice to see all the guys with massive war cities using all 100 of there alt accounts vestas on themselves and then going back to holiday, great idea
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    PS: Mech wasn't trolling.


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