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Thread: Evony riddle me this.

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    I just want to put this out there, Buying accounts is against the ToS. Allowing someone to coin your account is against the ToS. Evony wont bother supporting you if you have problems with either of these things
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    For f@#k sake evony you usless monkeys ,pull your finger out of your follow work mates a$$ and do something about this spam lock out.i have never seen such a bunch of dorks that sit on their ass and don't give customer service. All you have to do is check reports and see for yourself and ban the wankers hitting cities that are being spammed. Does raul has pictures of you lot in some sex scene and that's why you let him continue doing it?. As for that ud bot if I find the guy that ruining evony with it i'll give something special aswell. Just remember evony, for evil to live, it takes good guys to do nothing.

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    [EYES]: no i said we spam atlantis so it couldnt draft our wc that were there with billions of troops ......... now i dont agree with them spam ect.. but you really here moaning about it after doing it your self just so player who owned 0,0 couldnt log in game to use there drafts or defend the cities you hit when you was laughing? maybe thats why them monkeys not listen to what you lot cry an mail them about?

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    Its funny how jesus dosent add the other pinks aswell when I say that happened after they spam lock crods acc and he lost a 16 and 89 were attacking and locking out Loyang at that time trying to wipe that ..JESUS you are so far up Rauls ASS that you have turned into a peace of SH1T. And 89 will always be known as cheating hacks who ruined ca1


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