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Thread: Dayenna(411) CD Intel War City Wiped! (ss38)

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    Default Dayenna(411) CD Intel War City Wiped! (ss38)

    If you were hoping to see hits as brutal as i have posted in the past in this thread, you're going to be dissapointed- the following is an example of the first time i have sucessfully taken down a largeish archer huge intel compact defence(i've taken down large CD towns as documented on these forums but not with an intel like this defending)- and as such, the hits are less brutal because of the damage limitation having a huge intel hero provides... 1042 attack, 850 intel + Art of War and probably corselet.

    While still drunk yesterday morning, i moved in 1.5 miles from Dayennas war city. Scouted her and found gates open, so i started descouting, and found her monster intel hero was defending the city, so knew it would be a hard slog!

    Some history of Dayenna; Dayenna has been in two alliances(CRUCIFIX and 411) over the last 3 years or so that have been at constant war with my alliance(The_Just) and the alliance of ssfgrgawer(Dacia). During that time, our two alliances have either capped or broken the war cities of virtually every red player to us, even the ones who have put up a great fight have had their war cites broken or lost cities to us.
    EXCEPT Dayenna- on MANY occasions we have descouted Dayenna over the years( although most have failed in that as well, as she usually carries hundreds of millions of scouts, and has a habit of breaking her gates closed then open again,- she seems to always have tonnes of breakers on her account for just such occasions!) We have also fought her many times, particularly MrNorth, Woozy, myself, Laird, Mentat, PirateKing, ssffgrgawer,Hesstified, Kiki, TsarGogs and a few others.... On a number of occasions we have killed half or a quarter of her war city- but on no occasion have we ever broken her, as she is often a very good defender who can whack those archer towers back up faster than anyone i've ever encountered!, and at other times elusive, and often people -including myself can't be bothered attacking her as it is mightily expensive attacking that intel hero defense, especially as she has another city with 50 mil archers in it and 200 mil scouts that constantly reinforces and replaces any damage you do to her. Others fear to attack her because she has a fearsome, and pretty effective vengeance streak! Overall- i rate her very highly on the list of reds i have come up against over the years, and have a lot of respect for her. I will confess i would probably have not got any where near breaking her if she had been online- and would of probably lost the veast majority, if not all, of my mech heroes.


    First scout report; 254 million scouts! Think she had 256 mil to start with.
    After this, i put penicillin on, and started the slow descout. 156 mil dead, 100 mil to go! Not long after this i think i put 2 Alchemist Amplifiers on to speed up the kill, which got me an extra 10k per round. 65 mil to go! About finished! Scout report on her city.

    So i realised i was up against 51mil archers, 3 mil trans, 1.7 mil cav, 1.8 mil phracts,
    2.5 mil ballista, 500k rams, 2.4 mil pults... with a huge intel hero defending... so this was gonna be expensive, although it has cost me only around 27 million scouts to kill 256 mil of her scouts!- which was lucky besauce i only usually carry around 25-35 mil scouts! I brought in my second war city, which i also placed 1.5 miles from her- so both of my war cities were at 1.5 miles from her( the closest they could get). I evacuated all heroes from my town except my big hero to descout with if more scouts were moved in, and i moved in 18 good mech heroes- 800-1500 attack, and oneintel hero for ram waves-around 180 attack, 180 intel.
    I then proceeded to send 18 waves of differing mech at her with 1 ram wave each time at her, for three-four rounds til i ran out of mech in my smaller war city- here are a selection of the hits- note they are not as brutal as some of the hits i've posted before because of the massive intel hero. I didn;t get a report on alot of my hits, so there will be big gaps in the archer numbers between the hits i show.

    Series 1

    Series 2 - ram wave- wanted to see what this would kill vs intel CD, it did not work and was pretty pathetic.

    Series 3 Another awful ram wave!

    Series 4 More getting rid of my rams!
    I Started hitting mech around now i think, got some 0 honor, lots of exp hits. 500k archer, 147k pult 513k archer, 149k pult phract wave gets the last of her cavalry
    Couple of 30-40 mil exp hits... 370k archer,147k pult scout report of whats left, right after this scout report i had a 66 million experience hit with no report.

    My small war city was running out of mech by this stage, so was using the spare attack slots to use cavalry to hit her phracts like this before the next series landed;

    Series 5 Was quite a few 0 honor 15-35 mil exp hits in this series with no reports. 519k archers, 226k ballistas 515karchers, 149k ballista 338k archers, 134k ballista
    Then a 66 mil exp hit again. 205k archers, 282k ballista

    Series 6 216k pults, 191k ballista 513k archer 193k ballista 55k archer, 707k transports, 59k pults LOL i literally cannot explain why i sent this wave, think i was excited about the prospect of being close to breaking her and got carried away! Noob school- Phracts are terrible against rams-especially with a trans shield.
    30mil exp transport kill. 324k rams, 300k transports - Why did i send this? ( i had run out of mechs in that second war city and was sending any old rubbish!) City Wiped!!!

    I started spamming with cavalry and scouts to lowered loyalty but got a sitter almost immediately who truced the account on 44 loyalty.
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