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    Server 193 started off yesterday.

    A group of friends who had hung up their Evony shoes, current players and old friends decided it's time to have fun.

    Seems this may not happen. Bot abuse has reached horrendous proportions and real players are threatening to quit and leave Evony to it's misery.

    Overnight Romagna was filled up with fillers.

    Looking at the name V0... we find over 2000 (two thousand) accounts. Names starting with V2 and V3 looks no better! And not all names start with V0, V2, V3. We find a pattern of names having a V0, V2 and V3 version.

    Abuse is totally out of control.

    In the past alt alliances of 100 members belonging to one person has been reported. Evony acknowledges these tickets to only do nothing, despite clear cut evidence of abuse in violation of the Evony policies.

    As such a question to Evony: How do you expect to maintain your credibility if you are not willing to uphold your own policies.

    Ticket 966574

    Somebody thought it funny to start filling states with fillers on a server not even a day old. Atm Romagana is nearly full.

    Look at names starting with V0 - ar over 2000 accounts, thats not a coincidence
    Look at accounts starting with V2..., V3 ....

    This gross abuse is upsetting long time players, some of who are discussing finding another online game.
    Previously similar issues were reported via ticket 919839, responded to, but never attened to.

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    These arnt fillers... These are sellers. They dont do it for fun. Why would they? They mass produce accounts on a large scale with the same short script to complete coin quests to then use those coins to spin amulets in hope of winning something "good" they can sell. Sad really lol. But sometimes funny to watch. and its still going.
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    evony is just one big market. sellers trying to make a profit on noobs, old time players (who are coming back), or idiots. its entirely sad but nothing stopping them so hey why would they stop making $$$? its like a dual venture for evony


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