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Thread: SDMF VS TUSC - A lesson in CDs.

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    Default SDMF VS TUSC - A lesson in CDs.

    Greetings and welcome to another Ssf thread. In today's lesson my not so lovely Assistant SDMF Of Dacia and Lovely Assistant Tusc of 411 will teach everyone How NOT to use a CD.

    Now first we have to set the scene!
    411 are the reformed remains of the alliance Crucifix of Server SS38. Crucifix was formed from the old guard of several Server 5 alliances. Excuse my ignorance but i dont know what alliances formed the Crux familys. They were later joined by Server 4 and 5 players which brings us up to date.
    Dacia are The remaining Dacians of Server 6 fame, combined with Entropy (former S5? S4? Not sure) and quite a number of players from different alliances from server 6 and 4 from before SS38.

    These two alliances are two of the Three major powerhouses left on SS38. The Third being The_Just. - The Just is the Remains of the Server 5 alliance of the same name, combined with a bucnh of server 4 and 6 members from all over after the end of early merger war.

    Now The point of this thread.

    Now Compact defenses work because; should one remove Traps/Abitis/DefTrebs from their walls, The range of the battle is set by the Archer Towers/any defending catapults. This range is much less then that of Traps/Abitis/Trebs (5200 with level 10 walls) while the Compact defence is more like 1700 on lvl 10 walls with defending catapults (if my memory serves, Its been a while since i learnt this stuff)

    The main reason to use CD over 5k defence is protection of layers from mech waves.

    This basically means A mech wave will target the defending archer towers before it targets any units. So even if there is 5m ballista/pults in the city, the towers take damage first. If there is 20m cavs in the city, The towers will still take damage first. Thus CDs are often used to protect citys with lots of layers. However once towers are dead, This opens the relms of damage to other units, The Highest attack stack takes damage first Prioritizing Ranged units first - SO to avoid high attack units like ballista and pults from taking massive damage People made "Shields" or Large quantitys of lesser troops, mostly archers to put their attack stat higher then that of the mechs.

    So for 100,000 catapults you would need at least 500,001 archers to take the damage. Of course most people keep more then 100k pults in their main citys, in the middle of their 20 mile hubs.

    Well for todays test, we have the massive Tuscany hub of Tusc, Stryder, Dayenna, Kaylas and Mighty (possibly others, ive not really looked around.)Now we have a really bloody long walk to whoever we try to hit, And we have no guarantee that they are going to actually open for us.

    Ok lets check the advantages to both sides:

    Element of surprise - Might catch Tusc offline.
    3 citys - Lots of firepower and heroes.

    10 mile march times. - About 25 min for furthest city with 2x Fleet feet running.
    massive war city. (Report to follow) - Not going to be easy to break.
    3 citys within 3 miles. - Easy to move troops out to defend.
    Good heros. - Intel buffs on Archers likely.

    Now the cons for each player:

    2x fleet feet running (Hard to time)
    Lost in the waste running on one city (This happend during first set - Dunno who used it)
    8.9-10 mile march. Easy for opponent to move troops.
    standing outside of a massive hub full of 411 citys, someone is bound to notice 3 haunted citys appearing.
    Risking massive heros. - Chance of losing them.

    Has to stop doing whatever he was doing. (wake up, ect)
    Probably going to need to rebuild archers afterwards.

    So as you can see, SDMF is risking a lot in this little mission. He has very little going for him but hes gonna give it the good old College try anyhow. Now lets make the thread pretty with some pics!

    As you can see there is a few mains around amongst the alts.

    And SDMF Setup on the south of the Hub.

    Closest city to Tusc "haunted" city - 8.9 miles from SDMF's Berserker city. Now lets have a looksee what SDMF brought to play with!

    Rough troop count (Split between 3 citys, Forgot to screenshot so a rough count is gonna have to do)
    200k workers, 2m warriors, 1m pike/sword, 3m cavs, 700k phracts, 8m arch, 6m lista, 3.4m pults 38 odd mill scouts.

    What has tusc got to play with:

    So as you can see, SDMF is slightly outgunned. But SDMF has a pretty good hero range to work with, MORE SCREENYS!
    Berserker -

    The Cavalry


    So there is a lot of damage potential here.

    Now Back to ssf's CD 101 class. The standard way to use a intel CD is spawn towers as fast as you can and try to suck up mechs with the towers instead of the archers. Thus you dont lose sod all and you force the enemy to coordinate well to hit same second. Provided you have enough archers to take a few good hits its gonna be very costly for somone to hit you.

    At 10 miles with 2x fleet feet, timing waves is NOT easy. Timing waves from 3 citys? nearly impossible when your in a hurry and working against the clock. So waves landed all over the shop for a 1 min 20 period.

    Now By this point, You might be saying "I already know this stuff, Why are you treating this thread like some kind of mechanics tutorial?

    Well my answer would be, Apparently someone forgot to tell Tusc how to CD properly. For when SDMF landed his first set, well Tusc had broken his own gates open so SDMF couldn't scout for around the last 10 min of the march time. He moved some troops around, But not how you would expect. It didnt go very well to say the least.

    You see, Tusc decided to move out 11.5 mill archers. Now as to why he decided to do this, I dont know, He hasnt responded to any of SDMF's whispers. But long story short - 29 waves of mech landed on the city, with olny 9.5 mill archers in it. Now in all truth, SDMF probally would have killed the archers down to the Point to hit mechs anyway, Good heros and all. BUT because of what Tusc did, SDMF now had open reign on Tuscs mechs. The result is glorious.

    The 13 reports we DID get: (including last hit) - Last hit. Not entirely sure how we got a report here, but we did.

    So in 29 waves. SDMF changed This from a monster war city, to a Half sized war city. OF the reports we didnt get, half were 0 honour, high exp hits. most of the large heros were these. The other half were mechs with low heros eating towers for bugger all kills.

    Lowest hero used was some 328 attack. Highest used was just over 2000 attack.

    Tusc gated the second set. much to SDMF's dismay. (despite moving the archers back in)

    Ladys and Gentlemen. This is how NOT to CD.

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    nice post! i love the players that set a city at 5k on a city that should be in CD, and then when all their layers are dead thats when they switch it to CD.

    Happy Hunting!

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    They didnt change. They moved the layers out and the archers then went CD which is even dumber move.

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    ssssssssffffdrdrawers. You can't tell me to stop being who I am.

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