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Thread: What kind of planet do we really want?

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    Therefore, our world will be colonized by many bacteria because of plaque.

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    Maybe no matter what we will always be a hindrance to the planet, and no matter how hard we try we will ALWAYS fail because there will always be those in the world that will promote war instead of cleaning the environment, or curing cancer. The best solution to all our problems is just to wipe everything out and hope one day Life comes up with something better than us, but I fear that will never happen. I think anything with a conscience and awareness of its environment and surroundings will always FAIL.

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    So, let's hope that next generation will have conscience and true concern in the environment.

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    how high are you excatly to post something like that on a evony game forum. its like playing "wheres the love" during a dodgeball game. it doesn't make sense but you can't help but laugh at it

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    Yes its probably possible to do it

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    Guys for Christ sake we are trying very HARD to get to Mars.... That should tell you something.......
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