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Thread: On s181 each and every NPC from 0,0 to 799,60 was removed!

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    Default On s181 each and every NPC from 0,0 to 799,60 was removed!

    what other servers has this happened on ? It happened like 4 months ago and no one seemed to care then and I doubt DaveMata cares now or will ever care..... and customer support is a joke... I thinking I might be done with this game now.

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    I have already sent in a support ticket and PMed Davemata but I doubt anything will happen about this.

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    Thank you for contacting Evony Customer Service. For Evony to maintain a balanced and exciting game environment, it is necessary for us to regularly clear Non-Player Cities and cities belonging to players who are no longer active. We understand that players use Non-Player Cities to support their armies, so we do not clear cities that are level 5 or 10 if they are within a reasonable distance of any player city. Other Non-Player Cities must be cleared on a regular basis to make room for new players to join servers. This keeps servers alive with competition and new challenges.
    We appreciate your understanding and thank you for playing Evony.
    Evony Team

    This is the standard copy paste junk support gives out to do with these issues its almost like they did not read the support ticket I sent in......

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    Its not just your server, its several others as well. This isnt the first time its happened, something is screwed up in their flat clearing randomizing algorithm. instead of picking random npcs from the whole server, they just cleared every npc on the y-axis from 0-60

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    Same thing on SS60. Last time it happened I contacted support and they wanted proof that it happened.

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    kinda goes to show how much evony has gone downhill.... 4 years ago there would be hundreds of posts about this issue if it effected just one server. it seems to have effected all that I have looked at, everyone seems to expect this type of stuff without much complaint at all.

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    Happened on SS53 as well 50 mile by 800 mile line across sax,NM,Boho,Fries every npc gone. hard pill to swallow for the players that call those areas home.

    submit tickets and maybe someone will get lucky to recieve a response other than the automated ones.

    Happy Hunting!

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    Its just happened this morning on 193 as well wtf is going on here am fooked everyong should do charge back unless they sort this chit out

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    Not everyone can afford to buy ports evony or dave you fooking joke fix this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    it has happened several times in the past and nothing was ever done about it. Would be nice if they would review the code and figure out the glitch that caused it, or maybe they hired someone new and they started last night and said "wonder what this button does?" "NPC no more?" "oh so that is what it does!"

    Happy Hunting!


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