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Thread: Been a while for a Evony Promotion

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    Default Been a while for a Evony Promotion

    Its been a while since we have seen a Evony promotion on Age I. There are a lot of us on SS75 waiting for one on Fleet feet, stone of finding and all those other promotion items that can appear in the shop and I am sure we are not the only server waiting. Any ideas when we are likely to see one or we hanging out to halloween?
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    there are two past promo's that have run prior to Halloween

    end of Aug early sept around labor day

    end of sept early oct for October fest.

    so have to wait until the end of the month to see if they run something prior to Halloween

    Happy Hunting!

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    Yea April was that last promotion and then one for the 6th Birthday in May. There was nothing for 4th July, so it has been a few months.
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    Well, the "End of August" event has been skipped. Are we going to have to wait until Halloween? Has Evony ended promotional events?

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    As a player said to me, don't plan on anything till their court case is finished

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    my god people don't see patterns


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