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ROFLMAO good imagination and post, now lets stick to facts.

Iliad, SirX, Malicious and Napoleon are hitting an account that can't log in due to the spam attacks from thousands of accounts.

They are spamming 99,171 and are attacking 33,33 (both held by the same account of ours) while he can't log in.


Why won't you guys punish this incredibly unfair method of cheating despite repeated reporting on several occasions of them doing this with screen shots?!?

PS. I shared with staff a link to the python script that the cheats from Alliance 1 and Alliance 2018 are using. Evony should sue them for making them lose thousands of dollars while breaking the server. PS, for those using the program, the proxies that is used are not anonymous and they leak your ip. I hope that you realize that.
Ok so lets address this 1st. You said you sent evony a link to a python script. You sure do know a lot about how accounts are being locked out for someone who claims he does not do it. Maybe if you stop running your lockout scripts and filling the map with 4 prestige accounts we wont have a 14 hour maintenance every day.

Kistari also claimed that the owner of 33 33 was locked out of his account. So I will ask you this, how was he able to speech text and keep the HC you do not have gov on your side? Wouldn't that HC have passed hands if he was unable to login as you guys claim?