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Anyone who lets Kiki drop 15+ citys on them and doesn't simply port away is mental. There is no way to defend that kind of onslaught when he controls your wall defenses, unless you want to build a ridiculous CD. Im never going to build 2b arch to try and defend him, especially considering i suspect he can kill around 200m+ arch a set if he used all the war citys at his disposal.

100% disagree , i would sit there any day of the week an let them try to clear me , basic mech d with a good hero will eat up his mechs all day long , only chance he would have would be to try to bomb them out or d mech them out an if u have a few mechs that will take a long time, more than a hour an then u can close on bombs when u get gate control back , an walls eat d mech . an he doesnt control the wall at all, open gates (or he breaks them open) an run trap defense , no way he will ever clear ur wall no matter how many waves he sends if u have a instant wall hero.