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    Default shout box

    I have seen alot fo forums with shout box or a chat box this one needs one to so anyone on can talk to each other with out hunting them down on here lol.

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    why would anyone want or need that?

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    why not most all major forums have them and it stops alot of spam on forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by THEHUNTER300 View Post
    why not most all major forums have them and it stops alot of spam on forums.
    Find a vBulletin forum with one.

    Either way, this forum isn't getting changed, ever. Should be shut down imo.

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    Tis forum is not dead as lone as you and me keep talking lol and chat box could make talking to each other better.

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    This forum is extremely dead compared to 5 years ago. Only people really left on this forum are the ones that come here for the sole purpose of complaining about the game even though we all know that it isn't going to get fixed ever.
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    Sounds about right but im hoping to get people on here more.

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    will there be a new promo this Labor Day Weekend? If not, when will the next promo be held? It's been awhile and nothing new from Evony.
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