KingHades Na55 Hits
Ive played na55 since the day it was up. Have got a few nice hits along the way
I'll try and organise them from best to worse so if you start getting bored from my noobishness then you can click away
None of these hits were set up, although it seems a few of them look like it.
Also got to remember that in age 2 it is a lot harder to make impressive hits due to the life bonus starsets give. Also its hero attack is capped at around 1000 - 145m xp phract smack - 30m xp phract smack - 25m xp ram hit - 21m xp ram hit - 10m xp sword wave - 15.m xp ram hit - This guy just capped a 12/14 (can't remember which) and hadn't built an academy Evony didn't give me a report so i had to make some guy in his alliance send me a screen shot - 14m xp lista wave - 9m xp arch bow - 7.5m xp arch bow - 14m xp ram hit - Back at start of server when i didn't have a cav/phract wave One of my favourite waves - 8.5m xp ram hit - 3.5m scouts dead - 7.5m xp lista wave - 1m+ troops killed from bow with 37k mech - 500k arch killed from 120k mech

The next few hits on this guy were odd. He never seemed to have any archers and stayed in range defence so i just meched him. Then he would truce build up some more and we would repeat. Thought best not to include them in above section as they shouldn't really count because this guy was a new type of special - 28m xp mech wave - 21m xp mech wave - 17.5m xp mech wave - 14m xp mech wave - 10m xp mech wave

Hits on Atlantis - Big pult wave 1 - Big pult wave 2 - Atlantis cleared. Although its not technically cleared on this hit. It was just after. Its the closest report i have to it being broken as bob somehow lost the ones which returned. But whatever.

Some defence hits - I left these till last as mostly they are boring and everyone splats so whatever. Here are just some of the bigger splats lol. I also tend not to save these as I'm normally defending - 163k mech - 90k mech - 100k lista - 100s of these from different players, but they not worth posting

Hope you enjoyed
Have a nice day