Will probably take time, but if you manage to pull it off, sig credit + rep

I want a Sig (your going to have to find out the proportions to make everything look good) with 3 pictures incorporated into it.

The Sig I want is of the 300 army battling against Illidan Stormrage with the Demon King amulet on his neck, with a green (maybe a blu'ish tint to it) text saying "Destroyer" on it.

I got 3 images I want to use, but the challenge is, finding a terrain or battlefield to not only fit everything on, but to make it look good on.

The amulet on Illidan shouldn't be much of a challenge, but I want it to be noticable, with little change to the amulet. (If it makes it pop out and look much better, maybe turn the blue/green the amulet uses into a fel energy green, which you'd understand when you see Illidan)

Idk how do'able this sig is, but, I'd highly appreciate this thread and use it forever (just be sure to send me a copy of it without the text also) and give you post rep and sig credit on it, which I'm pretty sure will be seen in quite a few places (outside of Evony too, hence the text free version)

Quote/reply to this if you're up to doing it. Or add my skype l_zackary (you can pm me if you can't find my skype) and will supply you the 3 images.

Thank you, Dr Perv aka Destroyer