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Thread: Ss59 has no promo and unable to purchase packages

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    Default Ss59 has no promo and unable to purchase packages

    if we buy packages nothing happens

    no chests chest / no packages / no vestas / no 50% upkeep items ... no nothing - tickets are in

    purchase history status shows upcoming

    ss59 has had no announcement for maintenance for nearly a month ... server just randomly crashes at about maintenance time and periodically thorough out the day. tickets have been put in on both issues

    it is not fair that our server is unable to participate in this promo due to a server issue. Please look into this

    thank you

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    I bought a package yet no vesta for me or person i gave one to, no box with key, no buffs for fact nothing
    maintenance just randomly happens, servers back to real bad lag and stuck troops/heroes, and server drops continually

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    I bought 4 packages and received only coins no packagfes or vestas for me or my freinds and yes the maintenance issue is a pain in the arse

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    when I check my purchase history it shows status of my purchase as Upcoming whatever that is supposed to mean and it shows type as normal instead of premium rewards ...

    please look into this ... cuz help tickets aren't helping I notified of the no maintenance warnings over a week ago

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    SS59 loosing out on promo yet again pls get it fixed.

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    Ss58 isn't getting maintenance warnings either.. We just get booted.. It is really annoying when trying to level up flats.. But as usual when you ask questions you get no answer!!


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