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Thread: Adieu friends and Foes

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    So you are going to attack your alliance with them then???? After all they are the ones who locked out CA1 with heavy doses of spam attacks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattyts View Post
    This is probably one of the funniest things I've read on these forums, aside from JESUS and his ramblings.

    lmfao you know whats funnyer is that your banned now for all the che@ting your doing so say bye bye to around 750mil arch you took from all the players tht left your side

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    yes it might be thruth

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    Jesus666??? Now that is just not right
    “When the giant hits the ground, he feels the wrath of Hulkamania and the whole world shakes at my feet?”

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    That's a nice necro you guys got going there.


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