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Thread: The downfall of 500m+ arch and a thankyou to Evony

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    Incoherent, what are these friends of yours? Sorry I upset you with the reality of the game. And try harder to explain yourself, nothing is more incoherent than simplified responses like yours. If you have nothing to add to a six month old post then don't post to me. I mean no one is going to show up to make what you said relevant and I don't count because I said nothing relevant right. But you are right people getting banned is ok for doing the same thing everyone else does, late to the argument or not Evony has done it too many times. And also I'm sorry I guess you are one of the people who thinks if world chat is not popping then it's time to move to a new server. Six months old what a joke of a way to dismiss a point.

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    very nice killing thus troops


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