it has been over a month now that we have not had a normal maintenance. instead of maintenance warnings we get server crash. this is a major issue as hitters lose heroes and troops for no other reason then the server crashes without warning. without warning waves can not be recalled if they are not timed in right and big heroes can not be recalled if not enough protection waves are out. bottom line is without warning heroes and troops are lost unnecessarily. the spirit of the game is not to discourage hitters from hitting and that is exactly what is happening all our members who would normally hit prior to maintenance no longer want to hit in fear of losing any more heroes and the few that still hit refuse to send the heroes they should be sending because they know at some point without warning we will get a server crash.

on top of the server crash we now receive instead of maintenance we all get periodic server crashes throughout the day lasting any where from a few min to nearly an hour. it is pretty clear that ss59 is currently unstable and due to the length of time its been this way I would assume that it is not an easy fix or it is not a priority either way our server which was, and yes i say was, a heavy coining server has lost many members and when i say lost them i do not mean to a new server i mean gone from evony for good. in the last year the revenue from ss59 has went down by over 50% and it continues to decrease as more and more are giving up on the game ever being playable again. some have charged back to recover some of their wasted funds on a game that has little to no support and certainly no communication as to status of repairs. even an acknowledgement of the issue would be appreciated. I am not sure if server crash is effecting only ss59 or if this is more wide spread but it would be nice if someone would acknowledge the issue and let us know that there is hope it will be fixed.

and this is all before you get into the discussion about stuck lines which if we had a maintenance would release them .. with server crash the stuck lines can and often do carry over