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Thread: ss59 daily server crash

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    server crashed again!!! been down over 2 hours now. no response or word from anyone as to when it will be fixed!!!! come on evony, get this fixed before you lose even more players!!! We are considering NO COINING FOR THE CHRISTMAS PROMO if this isn't resolved soon!!!! No need to waste more money on an unplayable game!!!!

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    are u going to roll us back or are we sitting here refuging? its not fair to be unable to farm feed or holiday and lose troops because of server crashes

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    a mass ban on botted alts would fix the problems associated with stuck lines, spinny clocks and random server crashes not to mention the over crowding in every state

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    ss59 is finally back online after 4.5 hours of being down. let us see how long this lasts this time

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    Its interesting that not 1 person who has posted here complained when some accounts were able to log and some were not on several occasions in the past year. In fact the people who posted here are in the alliance that took advantage of those times by capping cities, heroes and then proceeding to gloat in world chat over their conquests. Knowing the server was down for some and not down for others. So you only complained when your alliance couldn't take advantage of the server crash. pfffffffft

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    Its not the only server with problems. All servers have their own problems!!

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    They won't even respond to players tickets ;-( Now people want refunds! Wow.....
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    just quit the game............. simple thing when evony will not do anything

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    Last night after maintenance some people were able to log into ss59 and others were not. The alliance that started this thread were able to take advantage of this and cap cities and plunder resources. Again, Im curious when Evony is going to fix this isssue and Im wondering why the people in this thread havent commented on last night issues, was it because your alliance took advantage of this crash and were unable to take advantage of last crash? Evony, the server is faulty and its allowing people to destroy or attempt to destroy accounts, is anything going to be done?

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    Quote Originally Posted by noseyLOL View Post
    when Evony is going to fix this isssue
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