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Thread: The Lag

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    Quote Originally Posted by hareth View Post
    A player can tell if being attacked by or defending against a bot within a few attacks of that happening. Given that the idea was for a server to be bot free, means that players joined because it was bot free. Anyone on this type of server would then report that bot and given that it is a monthly subscribed server, these subscriptions would be lost if those bots are not investigated and removed, meaning that any initial investment by Evony will be wasted without customers. The algorithm would be directed against the reported bot users and also against suspicious medal and resource farming teams.

    As for bots, practically everyone if not all are using Neat bot and Director, which are almost certainly owned by or subscribed through evony. Bot software is not being rewritten regularly - it is only updated to correct bugs and some "nice" features. Of course Evony don't care because people are still coning and sellers (who I'm sure are actually Evony staff) are still selling their unbelievable rapidly built accounts to fools. All age I servers die within 6 weeks.

    You stated that there are millions of messages, that is not true. That would only be true in a bot server. Server 198 Age ONE had less than 20 real players IMO and most if not all botted. The rest were alts run by bots. The top 10 alliances were all feeder alliances.

    Evony will die and you have yet to offer any constructive suggestions. There are several people who have stated that they would subscribe to a bot free server and play the game as played before bots. It is not difficult to create a guaranteed bot free server. And the income will come from the small subscriptions and from anyone who wants to coin. Put enough time into the game and you wont need to coin.

    I cannot remember when I first noticed the unusual accounts and wondered how they were developed and not until a few servers later did I hear of bots. But I knew it was suspicious. So yes, it is easy to tell if a bot is being used.
    yep your idea died at monthly subscribed server bud sorry. also reporting bots has a huge flaw in abusing and without proof. these banned people can recover all money paid to evony (i'd say sue them but since Ucool is a LLC that funnels its money to a real company its hard). Also sellers are not working for evony since i have seen many seller get accounts banned (aka Ted and Jordan from age 2).

    funny how you honestly believe this game will change or listen to you. "constructive suggestions"? I've explained to evony in plain English how to fix all age 2 glitchs (sorry no age 1 experience so i will draw off age 2). You can't honestly think this game won't be dying soon. if so your just fooling yourself.

    LASTLY (please understand this cause i am tired of repeating this trumping arguement statement) EVONY DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO CODE. SO THEREFORE THEY CANNOT ADD NEW FUNCTIONS. A subscription server is way harder than a public one. I'd say 1 person would take a week or so trying to create a imperfect one

    (bots have existed, like marcos, since evony's creation really)

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    need to "completely" separate ageI and ageII as they are totally different.. this whole thread [any many others] was so disjointed because no one knew which game was the subject ....

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    is this where I talk about ca3 goin down?? 10,02,2016?? for hours now!!!!

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    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Wake up Evony!!!!! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Lag stinks ;-(
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    Default ca2 screwed up

    Is evony done been trying to login to ca2 after maint for 4 hours with no luck is it taking this long cause they fixing the bugs would be nice to know if thats so instead of being left in the dark.


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    Well, here I am resurrecting an ancient thread. No progress on removing the lag still...

    I do understand all the issues related to lag.

    I have a perhaps simple to implement solution...

    The problem is too many "people" are connecting to the server. The solution - have less "people" connecting.

    Now you could go about that by limiting the number of connections, and enforcing total number of connections per server.... That would probably not be very fair or viewed favorably by those who do "play"

    Or, you could take the unique approach of offering holiday mode for either much cheaper or for free.

    In this scenario someone could decide they wanted to holiday their account for free, or for say 2 coins per day rather than 10 coins per day - that would still perhaps generate some residual income to keep the lights on.

    You could implement a check on the number of connections to the server when someone wants to come out of holiday - perhaps make them need to wait awhile if the server has a heavy load. Implement a waiting list to login, and maybe allow someone to speedup their wait time with an item ?

    Additionally, remove the ability of creating a new account on an old or overloaded server - if you simply MUST keep this option, make it a paid option.

    If you give "people" the ability to holiday for a much cheaper or free cost, you will have droves of "people" going into holiday I would bet, cause the lag is so bad the game is unplayable.

    I am sorry if I offended anyone by referring to them as "people", I was intentionally putting quotes around that to make you feel included in a non-threatening manner regarding your gender identity, even for you non-binary artificial intelligence life forms. #BotLivesMatter


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