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Thread: The prodigal son returns, HOW TO KILL 700 + Million Archers :)

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    Default The prodigal son returns, HOW TO KILL 700 + Million Archers :)

    They say revenge is a dish best served cold, they say karma is a Bitc*. I say karma is a Bitc* that likes to serve cold dishes As you may have seen our reds in CA1 calling a 400 million archer kill something worth bragging about. You all seen what we are dealing with, holy crap the waste is pults and listas and then trying to justify the hits. It is clear that at the time they had more troops than brains. They referred to our city as a death star. Now mind you first of all we have a copy right patent on the term. We invented the term death star. Now what is a death star you may ask? A death star is an account with over one billion archers. So they showed the first report 460 million archers, but did not follow up with gyazos of their atrocious hits. Why you may ask, because we drafted the city down to comfortable numbers “400 million archers”. Now two things to keep in mind. When they did this the first day evony did grace them with a buff of 85 percent heal. Truth be told they needed that, otherwise they would have lost half their accounts. Second when they cleared the city, it was over a span of over a week and they did manage to clear I would say over 1/3 of the troops with the 120 hero defending “That was our loss” But the point I am trying to make is that while they did kill a 400 million archer city, we had two handicaps. One out of our control and one where we dropped the ball. Never the less Kudos “I think” for the not so heroic attack.
    Now talking about revenge, one of their cities was banned for cheating. In our case we had no buff to help us and we had to clear a city that had an HH on Intel Defending all the time. Now I will not bore you with 30 gyazos of an account dying, I will make it short and sweet. Now without further ado,

    Please note that when I say *we* I refer to the good guy coalation.
    We first cleared two cities one with 60 million archers and one with 75 million archers. I will not waste your time showing you those.

    *******************THE DEATH OF A 700+ Million ARCHER ACCOUNT**********************

    EE Before its Demise

    Work it baby

    Oh Yea that is how I like it

    suckit to me

    Down Hill from there,

    Boom went the dynamite THE END

    Now before the cheerleaders come on to comment. They will say hahaha it took you a week to clear it. First and foremost, I am not sure how that is an indication of how good we are or not. But with that said, the city is dead is it not? Secondly, why did it take us 4 to five days to clear? As mentioned before we did not have the 85 percent heal bonus strat so we were in no rush to clear it and waste valuable mechs, like our enemies did. The cheapest way to clear a big city like that, that has intel HH and is on compact is with archers and we all know that archers take longer. So if anything taking us a week to clear it means that we were smart enough to know and use the best troop for the job.

    The cheerleader’s next argument will be, but you wasted twice the troops you killed. Again not sure how that is relevant to us. Anyone that plays evony knows that on age two a big city like that will always cost you at least 2 to 1 when there is an hh on intel and the city is on compact. We were more than happy to do it and next time they get banned for cheating again, we will be there to kill the next big city.

    Last thing reds will say, but you used more accounts to clear the city than we did, well there is a two part explanation for that. Part one is that we have many more actual players on our coalition that they do. They have 4 guys running 500 accounts. Second part is, our smaller players wanted to practice and since we used mostly archers to kill the city, smaller guys had at it. Again I question, who cares how many people port, it does not show or determine skill on the game and skill on the kill.

    To recap, it took the reds one week to clear 400 million, with mechs and a 85 percent heal buff and 1/3 of the archers killed where with a 120 defending. It took us approximately the same time to clear one city almost twice the size, with an HH on intel defending and no buff. I would say we did pretty well considering we used mostly archers to do the clearing. Now who is the winner? There are no winners here only losers. At the end of the day it just shows that any alliance is willing to kill a city that has been banned “No hero capping” and if Evony eliminated hero capping or diminished it, there would be more action and less large cities on every server. Now of course those afraid of dying “Our enemies” will come here to say Hero capping is fine. I call that kaka.

    I almost forgot to mention, remember the reds bragging about, nobody on our side counter porting? Guess how many of their side ported over to defend their teammate? Yeap you guessed it 0, we spent a marvelous week on their state and not one archer was sent to any of our cities.

    Rest in peace Pluto or not We had a blast killing all your archers, and look forward to future opportunities to do the same.
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