I'm actually surprised to see so many positive opinions on this item.. I think it's an awful idea. I think it's quite possibly the worst idea they've had so far amongst many many bad ideas. I'm not a weak player, I'm not in a crappy alliance. I'm typically top 5 on all 3 heroes, top 10 overall on any server I play in top alliances (not bragging, just giving perspective so people don't assume I'm just a whiney noob). Yeah this item will make attacking fun because destroying your target is always fun but... the target is going to be most unhappy. My skype has already blown up with "I quit" and I've even seen a couple people reset. Not even a goodbye, just a flat out reset.

Not everyone on evony is running a hundred+ alts with instant pult heroes. Not everyone has a chance to recover from the damage this item will do. This item will allow even a mediocre player to completely destroy a medium sized player in a single set. The noobs may as well reset and chargeback now, they're done for.

I don't think the benefit of a massive archer shield was ever protection from mech attacks, it was just a way to wear down the mech heroes on the attacker before they got to the "real" troops. This is no longer an issue. You won't be doing ram defense instead, even a scout bomb with 1mil scouts is gonna take out 10k+ rams per hit, a million layered mechs hitting those rams well.. ouch. You won't be using trans defense. You won't be going with a mech defense under the assumption you have simply too many ballista/pults for them to scout bomb down within a 1 hour gate breaker. Basically you just won't be using any kind of defense. The game mechanics are just not setup for 1mil troops hitting you within a single attack. I get it, you want people attacking. But they gotta be attacking people. If those people can't ever feel safe, or even be safe if they're sitting here actively defending, then they're not gonna play the game. Does anyone remember embassy bombing how we laughed and laughed that people couldn't defend it? Well evony just made it possible without the messy need to join the alliance and reinforce.

I've seen a few saying "oh don't worry, it's only for 4 days.. only a max of 20 items". Wrong. It's only for 4 days right now. When their greedy number crunchers decide they can make money off it, it will be in the shop & on the wheel every promo, and bought by the 1000's by your favorite neighborhood coiner. Only 20 items right now? Wrong. Only 20 items per account right now. It's not that hard for people to build scouts on their hundred+ alts to hit you with 1mil scout bombs all day.