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Thread: A Story: Something strange in an alternate place?

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    I've often thought,
    I've often contemplated
    I've oft' dwelled
    Upon the scuzz of war.

    Men slain, spray their last flow of blood upon my face.

    Men slain, spew their last curse upon my soul.

    Men slain, speak of their spawn, as if I care.

    Men slain, spend their last moments in pity, seeking mercy from me.

    Men slain, are just that. Men slain.

    Imagine a churl who hath defiled the innocent beg upon his knees to not reap what he hath sewn.

    I am his Seamster, he my quilt. Yet mercy is not on my agenda. Doth not he understand?

    Violate a child, become my enemy. Simple.

    War is not for the faint of heart, .. war is for those who deal out justice in a way that dervantiants will cease to derviant. Get it?

    There is no beauty to war, there is no glory, there is only "this job is done, march to the next job, complete the job, move to the next."

    Truth be told, there is no evil, there is not good, there is only stop the malevolent, before he malevates again.

    Complicated obstacles barre our path. Strategy, Tactics, Equipment, Ordinance, Logistics, the Will of the Tribe, -- your conviction ... your resolve.

    The God of War Tyr says,

    "Nobody wants to report atrocities, for those that have seen can not place it into words you would understand. Just know they exist. Keep your bubble spotless, but do not complain when business must be taken care of."

    See now why warriors must exist?


    I sat and pondered what my Goddess revealed. I sat with complete comprehension, Her revelation, as She gave it. I sat thinking, I could no longer sit.

    So, though my cohorts where up and out, a' partying their latest victories, boldly boasting feats yet to come, I went to the village watch ...

    To command him to go through the land and bring me mien Jomsvikings, elite of the elite, for we are to go a'journey through the gates of Mimir.

    I've oft thought .... then as I drink myself into a stupor, I listen to the Valkyries swoon the Einharjar ....
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    It never ends, this war bond.
    Death, death of the vile, yes I do fond,

    Seeking truce comes too late,
    We know your deceit,
    We know your fealty,
    We know your hate,
    We know, Oh Odin do we know.

    How may we face AllFather if we do not impale your bodies upon a twelve foot spike?

    Laugh as you may, your time is approaching to deal with you immortal foe.

    Oh, you do not know?

    Your immortal foe is approaching ...
    Your immortal foe is near,
    Your immortal foe know who to eliminate,
    Your immortal foe chooses you to go to war against ....

    A boast, you say, .... nay nay nay, just a job, a work that needs to be accomplished, no hard feelings. Simple.
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    "War?", she asks.

    The question played a tune in mien Verstand.
    Thoughts rang with visions plied to strategy.
    to reach Her land.
    My answer can be of none other,
    than -- yes, Goddess, War.

    "You will be maimed, My love," She says.

    No more than now, mein Heart.

    "You will die, My quest," She pours.

    I live to die, I die to live, mein Goal.

    "You will suffer for Me?, Mein treasure?," She chokes.

    I suffer without You, mein All-Love.

    A Summer's breeze,
    a Fall's yield,
    A Spring's field,
    Another hot Summer,
    Another wise Fall,
    then on a cold Winter's eve,
    I may yet be in Thine embrace.

    One can not enter Jotunheim, with breathe, my Lady.

    One can not gain Allfather's kiss without being carried upon Slain Carriers"s choice of battle.

    One can not gain wisdom from Mimir, unless one is no longer of Midgardt.

    Once can not enter Mimir's gate, if one is still tied to Middle Earth.

    One can not drink from Mimir's well, lest he be an Empyrean Elite.

    One can not marry a Goddess unless he be worthy to be called, EIENHERJAR!!

    "Is there no other way, Mein human?" She pleads.

    Quenching the thirst of a Goddess takes an eternity. My love for You will always last forever, yet my desire for You can not be quenched in the OH so short span I have been given. Bridge our time, Goddess Skadi, see either a fleeting pass, or see our Everhood.

    "I have been with other Gods, -- Does this not bother you?," She confesses and asks.

    Nay Lass, Daughter of Þjazi, I only see you when I dream. Bridge our time. My promise to you is this, I will not be jealous when Baldr, Your first love, returns. Yet I shall evermore be loyal to You, harsh to earn, glorious to receive. Knit the moments You have felt love for me, I for You. As though I take liberty with a Goddess, my mind, mein verstand ist unbestechlich, is incorruptable.

    I am not a tool for destruction. I am not a tool for the grotesque. War is ugly, my Lady, war is horrible, my sweet. War is tortuous and most impleasant. The stainch, the vulgar blood sprayed on innocent pictures, the impalement of compound fractures, the liver spewing bile, the guts spewing ... well you know. The face spells out the anguish of one's last moments. Ugly, horrid, vile, grotesque, fear known frozen in one's last look at life. War is hell. The sudden knowledge life has ended.

    How we lived will prove how well we die.

    Match my wit against the fray, and I loose. What, add vise can you give?

    "Gather your Cohort, Jarl. Bring your allies with you. Not the weak, not the iffy, not the footloose ones you glee to party with, but the brave, the settled, the confident, the humble."

    "A search quest must be prepared. Stutgardt is at Brinkleheimr's hall. Grindhoff is getting his drunk-on at Jarnholt's tavern. Friggsdotter hath just won her battle with the anti-pagans, and Cringebringer is bored, he is in dire need of a good battle. If only to sober him up for four or three days."

    "I will send to you Grundgeon, My dire wolf. A companion of none, a foe to all. I will talk with him. We will see."

    I would most reciprocate an obligation of your choosing.

    "Bury thy face upon My breastbone. Soothe soft hot whispers upon My neck. Do that [inaudible words the Goddess spoke; too soft to hear] ..."

    I relish the courage I felt. The bold confidence, when I heard from her, "Take holt of
    das Schloss zum Trotz, the Castle Defiance. Beneath her foundation lies Mimir's Gate. No Midgardner shall pass. Die a good death, Mein true."

    And with that, Her vision departed.

    A voyage indeed. Build my ship!

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    No one wanders,
    No one wonders,
    No one waivers,
    No one savors,

    Bring into existence, Aplomb.

    One's acumen,
    Deserves drum's strum,
    Detail the sin,
    Unt I will a'breiast some.

    Happy I will be,
    When vengeance pierce,
    The soul M'enemy,
    Yay, soul so fierce.
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    nice if it had a beautiful ending

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    Awesome job!!! I really enjoyed this ;-) Thank YOU!!!
    “When the giant hits the ground, he feels the wrath of Hulkamania and the whole world shakes at my feet?”

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterTdog View Post
    Awesome job!!! I really enjoyed this ;-) Thank YOU!!!
    Thank you for your kindness.

    Quote Originally Posted by 0camxuc View Post
    nice if it had a beautiful ending
    Right? , I am getting there, but ...

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    Be gone flights of fancy,
    Tribes un clans gather,
    Chant dier necromancy
    Frothing with slather,

    Guilds hide their wares,
    Ill tides abrupt rise,
    Casting yon snares,
    Reek of disguise,

    Flesh hath no tame,
    Ceasing with guile,
    Taint no fame,
    Can begin one's fame,

    Yet we strive,
    Reaching far above,
    To only dive,
    Clasped in chains of love,

    Oh how I desire Her desire,
    A want so strange,
    Quench the fire of Her fire,
    Taunts me mind with a derange,

    Yay, not so at ease,
    To forage unt till,
    The food of please,
    Upon a stony hill,

    Taken, the journey hath begun,
    Settle mien heart is not,
    A kiss, for mein song is sung,
    Celebrate I this day Her Disblot,

    I promised loyalty,
    Loyalty I shall pay,
    Wages so free,
    Mein labor n'ein assuage,

    In battle I must go,
    To find death of worthy,
    Ill tides will flow,
    With mein last journey,

    I spy thy winter abode,
    In mien mind I strode,
    I suffer Honor's code,
    To bring Thee gold's lode,

    Suffer not a day,
    With thought of doubt,
    "Soon", I say,
    I will take holt of you, bring you within mien embrace, hold your beauty with strong paws, gaze into the infinity of Thine eyes, and kiss you so ..

    "Mortal Mine," She starts, "with you there is no quit. You have touched Me, deeply oh so deeply. Sing your song, I await your arrival. Goddesses have but all of eternity, choose your day, make it a long long day, Mine true. I think but only to .. nay, I must not, not shorten your time, yet the thought to do so, may hasten your arrival. I have thought to snip your thread sooner, Mine true, to bring My mortal to Me sooner. Hearts as strong as thine take time to die. You are not easily vanquished. However as a quest, remember this .. "Great battles are reserved for great hearts."

    I felt Her kiss, then she was gone.

    Even though, Her love remains, surrounding me with wonder.

    Bind me, ol'Norns to Her threads,
    Tie into a knot,
    Un fashion fate's webs,
    For the favor of holy Disblot,


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    Dawn on rise,
    Bent rays,
    Hopes disguise,
    Begin our days.
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