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Thread: Why thou shouldnt holiday on an incoming set: (plus more!)

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    Default Why thou shouldnt holiday on an incoming set: (plus more!)

    okay, to shake the rust off last night SDMF decided to go for a wee jaunt and see what he could see.

    Well The USARMY_6 war city belonging to Paularhode was out pestering some smaller accs in Dacia, So SDMF decided to pester back.

    SDMF launches a set. This is what Paular had:

    Paular decides that "Nope" he isnt going to like the set that is incoming hitting him, so he holidays. This makes SDMF sad.

    Then SDMF has an idea. "I wonder if you can break the gates of a Holidayed person."

    The answer, it seems is yes. Yes you can break the gates of a holidayed person. Poor Paular. - Thats gotta leave a mark. - Last report i got. He holidayed before another mech could be sent, as such saving his rams.

    Total Cleared: 56%

    Okay. Now we really want to kill something. I see MirsDej pestering some accounts in burgundy and SDMF goes to play. The resulting battle takes HOURS. Both are well armed and at the end of it all, id say the result was pretty well even. SDMF ended up with a lot of honour (roughly 160m - given 60-80m, dropped it then was given another 80m during the battle.) (I didn't save any defense reports sorry!) and Dej has some hero leveling to do. Dej is certainly a force to be reckoned with now! (It was 5k defense, scout/cavs hitting reinforced layers, The odd scout/cav hitting lista/pults and mech waves going splat)

    After both Dej and SDMF decided they had enough, (After a good 4-6 hours of battle) SDMF decided to go chasing his layers he had to move out to stop Dej murdering them. to his surprise the farm town he had ported in (a simple 10 farm town) could no longer return home. Cambridge of 6283185 (Thats the alliance name, Its a subgroup of the 411/USARMY coalition) was in the spot. So i took a nearby flat, and randomed into the stat (it was full, as most states are with the full scale 3 way war on ss38 at the moment, as you might expect.)

    SDMF had very little in the way of layers as i was still trying to get the farm town close with the layers in it (And i eventually grabbed another flat and moved layers in that way) But he also had to drop the 80m honour Dej was nice enough to leave him with (5 levels to his main hero was nice tho, As well as like 9 random ports) So when all that was done it was time to start on Cambridge

    First scout: - not a bad sized war city. much more reasonable compared to Dej's :P - opening hit. No report gives me a sad, but that experience is wonderful.

    Now i made a few mistakes. It was late at night, and id been fighting for 8 hours at this point. I realized what id did as soon as i re scouted: - I Had meant to send these naked. As you can see i forgot to drop the layers... DOH - landing early is fun! - oh the shame. Another one that was meant to be naked. Oh well ill fix it on the next set. Huge waste of a 1k attack hero (Excal'd)

    This set went a little better.

    Best hit in the set:

    There was a ram kill here that gave 0 honour, but no report:

    Last of the rams:

    Last hit: - They truced before i could send anymore.

    Total cleared: 84%

    Bonus rounds! a few hits from the SDMF VS MIRADEJ battle i scavenged from WR (160 pages into WR...) - a lot of these SDMF wasnt so lucky. Dej's timing was out just enough to make timing reins difficult with double fleet feet running. - RIP SDMF's baby layers. most of the mechs thrown ended this way.

    now ill go back to some of the early hits where SDMF was still moving layers. - had 280k arch that he forgot to move to buggery so was switching them between the two citys he was defending with, Dej eventually caught them as you can see. - only lost these rams because there was less then 125k there and Dej landed as SDMF was trying to switch from 125k to 110k to send out lol, Lucky Dej is lucky. This is the first hit Dej got on me. - A surprise gate break on my layers city lead me to moving the lot away, while Dej replaced a few mech heroes That took a while. Dej killed most of the cavs before i could do so however.

    Now you know how many layers i had, you know why i lost those rams in his first set of mechs at the war city. Thats a LOT OF LAYERS TO MOVE! especially in the 4 min it took dej to reach me. (I had started moving them slightly before he started sending, which is why i was able to get them out.)

    SO there you have it folks! thats far from all the reports, but id be repeating waves if i posted more.


    SSEDIT: Dej if you have any reports you got from the battle feel free to throw them up!
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