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    where can i find freedom medals?

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    high level valleys are the best for any kind of medals. Its a numbers game. Hit them twice a day, your not likely to see anything drop. hit them 2000 times a day, and you might see a handful of useful medals drop. Deserts and lakes are my favorite at the moment.

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    Cross - Rose = lvl1-lvl3 valley
    Lion - Honor = lvl1-2 NPC or lvl5-lvl7 valley
    Courage = lvl3-5 NPC or lvl7-lvl10 valley
    Wisdom - Freedom = lvl5+ NPC or high lvl valley with some luck
    Justice = lvl10 NPC
    Nation = lvl10 NPC

    course there is also some blind luck on winning lower medals on lower vallies

    (sorry if i got vallies wrong but i have not farmed them in a long time, i suggest just farming lvl5 for courages up)


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