Dear Dave and The Evony Team,

Can you please tell us why you are banning all the good red's on NA60? If it is a violation, perhaps they could correct it, and just have a temporary ban for a warning? And Perhaps get all their stuff back?

We understand their have to be rules and guidelines, but see, thing is, you also need to leave us people to fight with. Or, well, the server is just dead. And some of those guys were really fun to fight with! We'd really like you to let them come back and kill us!

Or at least explain why exactly people are getting banned? So they can maybe not do that anymore? Hard to justify spending a bunch of cash on a new account, that might end the same way, as you don't have enough information to be sure it won't happen again. They will just leave the game altogether. Then the people not banned don't have anyone to play with. You see what the problem is?

I'm the happiest girl there ever was when I'm in a good fight! And you are leaving no one with the nerve to kill me What on earth are we to do then?

Please consider a temporary ban, a warning and more information for our dear beloved enemies.

Very Cordially Yours,