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Thread: Dave! Banning on NA60 :(

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    Whats not fair is some people ruining what some of us thought was a perfectly good server by getting all the good red's banned! Who cares about UD, troop counts and stuff! Some of us paid evony to play here, because those guys were here to fight with! Shouldn't you guys have at least asked for a server vote? Before you ran off some of the best fights on the server? We're never sharing enemies with you again, Raj & company. You guys don't deserve to get phract smacked if you're just going to cry about it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by HeartlessNA48 View Post

    The reason "Several" 3200 players are banned is not my doing, its the bot you use. You pay $25 a month to run a bot that doesn't do anything but hurt the community in general.
    This is new. paying for a bot and a bot called UN

    as for on topic: Evony is dead guys and Evony "Admin" don't really exist minus some minor **** they do. Just go play another game dam
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    Rofl grabs popcorn hehehe your bots better than my bot thread and its unfair lol give me a break and cry me a river. But i suggest this if you are going to start banning one set of bot users ban them all. Cause its simply all cheating no matter how good ones bot is.

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    The only people for this bot are people who have it on their teams and/or have it themselves.

    Kristy you guys use the bot as well. But I don't find you abuse it in the same way 3200 was. Its not a simple case of "whos got the cooler bot" I dont give a **** who uses UD and who doesn't. Whats the problem is the players who abuse everything about it.

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    oh, for goodness' sake. I don't fight from any bot at all. and none of us ever had any trouble fighting 3200. that was just you.

    "omfg unfaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir". the cry of the guy who can't think his way to solution.

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    I do what? You must have mistaken me for someone that the bot guy likes... Seems I have a natural affinity for rudeness, and being obnoxious. I can't imagine I could possibly pay enough for that guy to overlook my erm... personality

    I don't think this is unfair, though. It is much less than I deserve, given how well we got along. I'm a little hurt, frankly, that anything he designed doesn't automatically search and destroy anyone on a server with a name starting with "NotA".

    But really, stop your fussing. You guys can just fight with us, and so can 3200! This is clearly the better solution, as opposed to the new "Report this player" attack ya'all are using on them...
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    I see those losers Raj and Derrick still haven't got UD and they are still upset about it. Grow up you noobcakes and stop whining like 4 year olds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cushseth
    Sickness has a valid point.

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    remove the options to colonize a city then u get rid of most of the botting.

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    no remove that option and kill about half these people above you that think they are skillful players lol

    plus sellers for the most part

    now that i think about it the colonizing function is something no one does expect on inactives or alts so evony keeps it around for no reason. Lets do away with it.......... might see less lag and problems

    As for banned players: Suck it up guys. everyone cheats so report the reporters eh? have you thought some random third party alliance reported you? people people people


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