Combating bots and alts with a verification code

I have given this some thought after trying to play this game within the rules.
My conclusion is that as it stands it cannot be done.

Over the years I know ENVOY has made some attempts to fix these issues. I would like to offer a suggestion that might do a lot for the game in combating Bots, multiple alts, and the buying and selling of accounts.

In playing other games, I have seen they have a verification feature on login, where when they log in a random number is sent to the player's email in order to verify and complete the log in.
This number is sent to the registered email linked to the account.

Now as to why I feel this could be a good fix for a number of problems you currently have.

1. Bots for the most part run 24/7 but if you require this verification on re-logging back in they should be stopped cold every 24 hours when you do the maintenance upkeep, and they will have to wait for a manual login by the registered email of the owner of the account.

2. Forcing a verification code to be entered for each account will force players to use a legitimate Email address, something they do not have to do now. This should help control the number of alts a player may want to use/create. (I do not believe it will stop it, but it should cut back on the numbers) and again will stop the auto re-logging in of bot alts.

3. Bots are the main reasons for lag on all the servers, again forcing a verification code will force players to manually login, the purpose of bots is to do the things players simply donít want waste time doing. They are not going to be happy if they will now need to manually login however many Alt accounts they may be using. This should cut back on that lag.

4. Cutting back on the many Alt accounts, will cut back on the almost unlimited resources players can draw on to build their instant mega armies.

5. Having a verification code is going to slow down on team players sitting on other playerís accounts while those players are offline.

6. A verification code should limit, or scare people from buying accounts as as the one creating the account will still have access to that email account and when the buyer changes their password the registered email holder would be notified, and they could steal back the account.

I donít know if you would like this idea, but I would like to see it implemented. Then once you have a better handle on some of the more outrages number of Alts and their funneling resources to a main War city. You can better work on game balance as it once was.

Using a verification code might take a few extra moments for a player to login, but those that are only login just one account this should not be a handicap to playing. But for those trying to run multiple accounts it should act as a self-limiting feature.

As for Bot users, well it should stop the auto re-logging cold.

This is going to be a pain for those who have created accounts without a legitimate email, I can imagine it is going to cause all kinds of havoc for players without one. For them I say Boohoo, should have started out playing by the rules in the first place.