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Thread: Combating bots and alts with a verification code

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    A lot of people have tried making suggestions, and frankly, a lot of them suck. However, I play games outside of Evony, and recently one of them made a damn bold move that I think every game should do to avoid Multi-accounts (That hack, glitch exploit etc).

    That game was CS:GO (Counter Strike:Global Offensive). The idea requires a qualifying CELLPHONE number (That is important, VOIP Numbers should not work. They introduced a mode called "Prime Matchmaking". Completely free to a user, you just need a number. Now, I'm aware a lot of people use Dual SIM cards, and that is a downfall, but taking the Alt count from 500 to 5 on any given player is a massive blow. Now, you're going, what about the ones without a cellphone. I've thought of that as well. CS also kept the original *(1)MM in place, for those who cannot get a phone, they can play without it, just separate from those with a phone attached to their account.

    Benefits: On servers with this feature, you're server will run better (Less Accounts), costs more to do the same (Increased Profits potentially) and it's free to you, and free to those with a phone.
    Cons: Those w/o a cellphone, are mostly screwed. (Which few don't have a cellphone in most 1st world countries.)

    Note: Those who don't play with a CellPhone, should also be allowed to exploit to their dreams come true. Keep that on a different server (I'm sure new exploits have been found after your recent patch.

    I hope you found this a good suggestion.

    My solution to hackers, multi-accounters etc. CS:GO implemented these same functions, although the market that CS has vs. Evony is very different, (And therefore when it's released also different).

    Note: Home Phones, or anything OTHER THEN A CELL, are not considered qualifying for clarification.

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    It varies from here to there and here again

    Default wish I was as smart as you (novabomb) :duh: ........NOT

    While the game is far from being dead, there seem to be a lot of players willing to spend a great deal of money using third party apps, getting around EVONY's rules without any real benefit to EVONY's bottom line.

    That is really too bad, it was a great game, I used to put hours into it everyday, the flashing bird sent a rush though me. Now I don't bother to play, let alone spend any more money on it. did I say that?

    Quote Originally Posted by novabomb View Post
    HAHAHAHA Holy **** you think the devs (oh mighty unforeseen gods lol sarcasm) will read a post on a dying game/forum?????? Are all who's left mentally retarded (i know mega will try to say i am lol)

    Guys has evony not clearly without any doubt said "Fu|ck you" many times????? How is it possible to not see the declining terribleness? This should be a crime to be so dense

    Please for the worlds sake do not get a important job, have children, or consider running for any position. The future rides on you (original poster) to not do anything to **** 7 billion people up

    EDIT: original poster (not worth saying your name) you honest to god think bot devs (who don't bother with this game as much as they used to) are scared? Did I not in many ways explain reasonably and factually how your idea will not and shall not ever be made? I saw someone post a nice quote about how: Evony's email forgot password email service doesn't even work. So why in the ****ing hell would you think they would make your idea? My god it hurts my brain trying to understand your logic or how your head works! if at all!

    NOTE: i'm not trying to bully but seriously....... I've predicted what evony was doing a year ago........... how have you not seen it?
    For a dead and dying game there sure are a lot of players.

    Yes I would expect the developers to occasionally read their forums. I have not given up on them, even if they haven't give much in the way of feed back.

    I do like Bots, I just don't like them unchecked. Having to restart one every 24 hours does not seem too much to ask. But it just might stop some of the 100alt alliances, and filler bots, from taking over. Just a thought.

    For a person who has been told so many times that he should go F**k himself, either you gotten used to it, or actually like F**king yourself.

    As for your thoughts on my personal life, get a grip, do you think I care what you think. Oh well with an ego like yours, I can see where you might think so. Actually I don't believe you do think, but that is just me, I'm sure there must be billons of people that believe you do, just that you don't do it very well.

    You predicted what evony was doing a year ago...???? LOL... You and about every other player here...

    Quote Originally Posted by novabomb View Post
    NOTE: i'm not trying to bully but seriously....
    Gee you could have fooled me... seriously!
    In the immortal words of Socrates... I drank what?...

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    Yeah your version of a "lot of player" is 100......... I moved on to other games where we have alliance/guilds/clans with over 100 active people a day......... FOE has a new server. FOE is a no bot game. The guild i am in is ranked 25 with 70 members. Above us is around 300-500 people. Much more than evony

    oh yes I've been told to go F****k myself many of times (see mega) but i don't much pay attention to them as it's well the internet.

    I do not think everyone predicted this, or at least came to grips with it. (see yourself for more proof)

    And lastly yes my joke might have been a bit mean but my aim was to go very very very very far to prove a point that your fooling yourself or mentally challenged.

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    The game is practically unplayable. If your a new player and not hooked, why would you sit there thru the lag?

    Evony should buy the bots, and then make the use of them a feature in the shop where it costs coins each day to use the bot.

    pay $1 a day not to farm and not to have lag, sign me up!

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    Or just get the free bots which allows you to mostly bypass the lag....... The games so far gone/dead playing it is only for one of three reasons that people play:

    To much time or money (normally with a insecurity problem but not always)

    "For old times sake"

    Because you live in a shell and refuse to try a newer + active + funnier (yes i used that word!) games
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    "For old times sake"

    I play for a month and remember why I stopped playing and then don't return for another 6+ months.

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    Um no in fact it's not. To suggest something which has a 100% rate of not happening is a waste of your time, a readers time, and the very very very very small byte size of storage your post takes up

    also the move past trying to think evony will improve or recover or well anything other than dying

    Na62???? na61 have a name yet???????? lol

    EDIT: your idea is age 1 only which has not gotten 1 major update since it's release...... works or not doesn't even matter (not even as much as 1 byte on your computer lol)

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    It would just encourage more alt accounts each holding a billion per resource per day which will then be plundered by secondary accounts which are then plundered by main account.


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