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Thread: ss78 - Server Lag - stuck queues and marches

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    Default ss78 - Server Lag - stuck queues and marches

    SS78 has been suffering stuck queues and marches for the past week and shows no sign of letting up, the game in this state is basically unplayable, any word from the devs as to why this is happening again all of a sudden and when the issue may be resolved?

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    It is certainly getting worse, been waiting over 8 hours for one wave to return, many others still hanging with varied length of time being stuck. Totally unplayable now

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    Default Customer service request

    Terrible lag...everything has been stuck for a couple days, market, farming waves, building...cant attack anything. The server was working fine up until a couple of days ago. What changed? added a new server? I don't understand...we came from one of the oldest servers, therefore loyal to the game and spend a lot of money over the years but we don't even get replied to when there is a serious problem...evony where are you?....fix this problem!

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    maybe I'm imagining this but it seemed to coincide with the last round of server merges.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TECH-ss48 View Post
    maybe I'm imagining this but it seemed to coincide with the last round of server merges.
    Agreed, seems to me it begun with that, ss78 has been fine for stuck waves for past few months, activity dose not appear to have increased, in fact more accounts in holiday now than usual.

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    maybe they need to just freeze all servers but one for a day, and then alternate days... only ss82 gets to run on mondays, only ss78 gets to run on tuesdays, etc... since they want to cram more and more virtual servers onto an obviously overloaded physical server.

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    Yep, stuck waves in every city, market stuck, troop build queues stuck. No real reason to play since its frozen.
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    Lack of response to customers = classic evony

    While nobody here expects anyone at evony to just click their fingers and resolve the issues we are experiencing, a simple reply to let us know that you are aware of and investigating the problem would go along way to keep your customers happy. Evony works perfect every time i enter my card details and make a purchase but when I have an issue everyone is "Out for lunch"

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    the system message was lagged out. here it is:


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    20x stuck waves. only thing that works is the food burn.


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