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Thread: resetting the same flats over and over?

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    Default resetting the same flats over and over?

    For the past month or so now, evony seem to reset a ton of flats repeatedly every 15 days or so. Instead of just the usual NPCs getting cleared here and there to make space, they instead do a mass clearance and create a belt across the map where farming becomes pretty much null. Now i dont mind this occasionally as i can fix my fields up. But lately by the time I get time to farm them for a couple of days, they are gone again.

    Fair enough the map gets pretty full from time to time, but at least maybe change the areas you clean rather than killing the same area over and over again. I know a lot of people who have quit because of this so whats the idea here? Just tell everyone to find new farming and essentially change state with the alliance, or just deal with it and hardly farm 80% of the time?

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    Yea its happening on SS75 too, a huge strip across four states of Fries, boh, NM,Sax and the 3rd time in a month. Its not a normal npc/flat clear when it clears half the state, I did a CS ticket about it, but got the usual blah blah we have to clear npcs/dead cities replies. This is not one of those and its killing the players in those states. Someone needs to have a look at this, its some glitch in the program.
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    Evony is breaking down. Coding must be having unforeseen errors which no one will try to fix (or can change). Coding is literal so nothing happening is the game's fault but rather the "programmers" (quotes since they were never really programmers)


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