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    Hello All,
    I have been playing Evony for quite some time now, at least a few years. However, I am new to this forum as you can see by my registration date! Therefore, I have no idea how active this forum is anymore but I figured I might as well have given this a try. After looking through YouTube for evony tutorials when I began playing, I could find a few, however not very in-depth or detailed tutorials. I decided to get very familiar with the game and then perhaps make my own tutorials. And I have done exactly just that. So please, this post is an introduction to my YouTube Channel because I need subscribers to get my videos out there and viewed. Please consider watching my youtube channel JSRocket Productions: I wanted to take the time to thank everyone for the support and time to read this introduction. Please consider leaving comments on my videos in my channel or below in the forum about my recording and video etc, because I am a new “youtuber” therefore I am open to criticism! Thank you all. Please check out my signature for more information about me. I am currently playing in alliance Destiny in World 199 Age 1, under iSepticon and GodOfWar. Please mail me in game to an account of those for contact information in the world. Thank you all and I wish you all Happy Hunting.
    Happy Hunting.
    Check out my information below!
    Evony World: 199
    Alliance: Destiny
    Youtube Channel:

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    Funny as it sounds i made a old youtube video tutorial a long time ago. How to teleport, How to build a second city, etc. Sadly those days of that stuff is way past

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    The guy with the tons of alts trolling the crap out of everyone needs to get a life. I think it's the guy pretending to be Ernie behind it.

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    CAN WE GET A MERGE?? 190,191, 192 dead servers we need a merge?? Yall have any dates in mind for a merge yet???

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    199 has just become unplayable. IF you can log in it's all but impossible to send farmers out. Click, go make coffee, go hunting, have your kill dressed and processed, cook a steak dinner, and then when you come back the first farm team MIGHT have successfully gone out.
    199 is about to die real fast if something is not done. I am not here to complain about sellers, botters, or any other cry baby stuff. Just the fact the game can not be played in 199. I am heavily invested in money on this server. Was going to stay here a long time. This was a good server till just a few days ago. I don't know what happened, but it needs to be fixed. Nothing changed with players. New sellers and bots didn't suddenly show up on a 3 month old server. No real explanation for the severity of the lag problem. I sent a message in alliance chat and it took a good 10 minutes for it to show up. This was right after maint too, when not every one has logged back on yet.
    Unless this is a ploy to push every one to s200 that will likely open up soon..... Is Evony doing this on porpoise to move people to next server and have new spending? I wouldn't put it past them. They allow bots and sellers because they bring money. (oops, it slipped out lol.)

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    Vainglory is a great game to checkout too if you're losing patience with Evony as I have. I played Evony for 5+ years, but decided to leave it all behind. Vainglory is a completely different game, but well worth a look.

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    It looks as if a new server is up, not running yet, but at least it's up. So 199 is on the horizon!


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