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Thread: ss38 MAP BROKEN

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    Quote Originally Posted by TempBlak View Post
    So it's been over 12 hrs and still no word from anyone in Evony as to when this problem is going to be fixed??
    Please look up the last time dave (the evony mod) has replied on forums. Then notice he has posted only the new server posts for the past year or so. Then notice no one but players and a couple forum mods remain

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    If this some intentional change by Evony....can we at least get some information on what's going on? If I'm not going to be able to see the map in any manner anymore, then I'd at least like to know so I can move on with my life lol. Or is it a problem that's being worked on? I don't care...something, anything?


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    Hess....I agree...that would be nice to get some sort of answer. And yes Nova...I noticed about the mod/s earlier which is why I made my crack about them not being real lol

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    Best the lag has been in 7 years. I can't see anything on the map though, so I have to go through the Rally Spot and keep a coords list again. But hey, I can live with that since there's no lag!!!
    lololol, actually I did the same thing I've done for like a year now and that's "not play Evony" since our server died long ago due to account creation, island clusters, and various scripts to attack or maintain such abusive play styles.

    Anyway, the map issue will probably get fixed at maintenance I'm thinking. That's what caused it and that's what will fix it. Not sure why they didn't do an emergency reset today though. Hopefully we get some free upkeep (I hope forever lol)

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    Quote Originally Posted by andy222 View Post
    where are the moderators with an update about this problem
    The moderators IE myself actually play SS38 and i had the same issue after maint yesterday myself, Ive holidayed since then until I know more, and Ive been advised If you are encountering a problem with the map to please submit a helpdesk ticket.

    Quote Originally Posted by Blackhands View Post
    5/2 odds on andy222's double post being fixed before the map problem.
    id say better then those odds, because i can do something about the double post, i cant do a thing in game however.
    @the rest of the posts im too lazy to link: - As i said earlier in this post folks, I have ZERO control over what Evony does or doesn't do. This is apparently something they are trialing, and we will see how long it last. Id say don't shoot the messenger but officially Im not even that, Im little more then a nobody who simply cleans the forums for them. Im basically Evony FORUMS Janitor. I don't get paid for this and i do it out of my own time, And have absolute zero impact in game, Im a player like the rest of you.

    As far as Map problems go, there seems to be a lot of cases where people cant even see the map logged natural, I suspected it was my internet at first, but with so many saying the same thing it is likely evony side.

    If i hear anymore information on the subject i will relay it here.

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    Thanks ssfgrgawer
    I did send in a ticket about the map for my server (ss60) before I posted here. Yeah I did holiday because I tried for hours to get the map to appear (yes I was manual)
    Hopefully it will be resolved soon.

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    A rather interesting development if the game seriously intended for this to happen as a trial. If it were a permanent feature, we would likely have the long-sought server mergers, though I suspect not many will still be around lol.

    I would relish going by no more then 3 ingame names. Bringing war cities down to no more then -500m/h by nuking alts in such a way could bring skill back in the equation and make things substantially more fun. And before a smart a$$ says it, no, I will not unilaterally act on it unless everyone was brought down with respect to feeder numbers, etc.

    Would also make heroes far more valuable and dear. City loses would actually matter, and being plundered a devastating scenario.
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    Guess we will have to wait and see...

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    thanks for the fix . doubt that was supposed to happen . the last thing they want is to upset all of us happy customers .


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