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Thread: Stygandr’s Banner of the Horde "Battle Reports" ss57

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    Default Stygandr’s Banner of the Horde "Battle Reports" ss57

    Hello, everyone Virtue_230 (Ranked #2) and L3TH4L (Ranked #1) have been in a long term War on SS57

    The following are battle reports from the Stygandr’s Banner of the Horde:

    Phippis - L3TH4L

    scout report on his war city

    1st hit

    2nd hit 106m exp

    3rd hit 84m exp

    4th hit

    5th hit

    Here are some Random Hits on other players

    PlayHix - L3TH4L

    GreatLordJesus - L3TH4L
    This one was kind of funny. The player sent a Long-Range attack like 1 Hour and 30 min. So, Jim waited 30 Min and then ported his War City next to him and sent 3 Horde waves then he Dream Truced, lol 1st hit 2nt hit 3d hit and 114m scouts died

    ShakeNbake - L3TH4L

    New Reports on ShakeNbake - L3TH4L scout on shake shake is dead farming him last trans hit on on him and he is emty
    and truced

    Resource City Capped

    ShakeNbake - L3TH4L

    Attack Report
    last hit b4 port

    Molkkan - L3TH4L
    1st hit
    last hit b4 truced

    BARRACUDA - L3TH4L city name acidosis
    Cleared Troops by 1 hit 25m scout dead

    2nd city called EVOSIS sr

    1st hit 64m scout dead

    Nizmo's - L3TH4l troop builder acc
    1st hit
    2nd hit

    Readable report Dead

    Thanks for Playing!!!!!

    Host - Virtue_230
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    Some of these hits are terrible.

    Against phipps. 1st hit is decent but better ratios would mean more mechs killed. But because the player is sending the same wave without any thought, the second kills 1.7m archers and 600k pults. Third hit being unlayered gets itself phract smacked. Also not good. 4th hit, again unlayered, if you'd included some archers, layers, gone pult heavy in the wave, you'd win the attack. Saving yourself banners and gaining twice the exp. Since the account appears offline, really should be better.

    Against GreatLordJesus. Also horrible. Untimed pult waves to kill that city? Could have been done so much cheaper than that.

    Against Shakenbake. First hit has 200k rams that do literally no damage. Only 1 scout needed. Waste of troops needlessly; switch them for phracts and do a ton more. Last naked mech hit - better layereing would do more damage if you incluided some archers. Ram hit: better layering and you'd kill more defending rams
    No, I am probably not from your server. Yes, I do feel I can comment in your forum. And yes, I do think flaming on the internet is hilarious to watch. Nor do I require an avatar.

    Server SS38
    Kiki -The_Just - Retired

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    Most of the reports are more than 3 months old you got anything new to show ?

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    Thanks for sharing. Undoubtedly there were mistakes made and the costs were extraordinarily high. This is a good opportunity to reflect on Kiki's thorough and informative comments, look at your reports, and consequently improve from there. Nice heroes used, and denying your enemy the use of the troops you killed is a good result for your war.

    Based on your activity and, from what I can tell, love for fighting, you have a lot of potential. Megamand and Kiki on these sources are an invaluable source of information as they are experts. Hopefully one day ss38 and yours merge because your server seems like a lot of fun and The_Just (inc. Kiki, Blackhands, myself, etc) most certainly could use more excitement in the game lol.

    Keep up the activity, take the comments constructively, and show us more reports
    The_Just & H Miramar ss38.


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