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Thread: Big warcity 1+bil troops, down to 0

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    yeah everything is so death i agree.

    and to answer : no need for mechanics skills. i can tell you i know all kinda attacks and defends, back in the days when the servers where alive and with lot of real people it was cool to defend on different ways. and to attack...nowadays i just keep myself in hol...i cant count over 30 people on my server....ss65 serious need a merger!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MegaMandthe2nd View Post
    it would have been more impressive had there been a int hero defending of at least 744 cors'd up but it still would have come down to mass troops thrown and no real skill or understanding.
    lol basically.
    crappy heroes for such an old server too.

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    No one needs heroes or skill, you have millions upon millions of free troops every maint

    Plus, the Banner makes defense impossible


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