I have only ever played Age 1 - and it has all the issues I mentioned.

When the average player can have 2 million pults 7 days into a server, the game is done.

I quit the game back in February after trying out server 200 for one last chance.

By week 3, the lag was so bad you could barely send out farm teams, most guys in my alliance had level 500 heroes, everyone was using 1 million unit mech waves on a regular basis


Troop glitch made it possible to manufacture MILLIONS of mech and resources.

One night I made 12 million phracts and 2 million ballistas, and 4 million transports full of food and lumber. That was in a 10 city account that was set up to take advantage of the glitch, but there were others doing it even better.

What's the point of the game when I can build, for free, in 5 minutes, an army that 8 years ago would have been more than an entire server had after 3 weeks?

This game was ruined around server 120 when bots became involved, and alt accounts were ignored by the owners. They could have stopped it all then, and probably had a stable game now.

Very sad.