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Thread: Evony Customer Service is in fact, great. Blackhands Guide.

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    Default Evony Customer Service is in fact, great. Blackhands Guide.

    So I read just about everything that gets posted on the forums, excluding stuff regarding Age II.... and what i see all too often is people complaining about Evony Customer Service and calling them terrible .... and at the risk of brown-nosing...i would like to dispute that.

    People are always posting saying '**** you evony, you didn't respond to my ticket' or 'sent 5 tickets, no response', or hurling abuse at Evony on the forums, saying they don't care, calling out davemata etc.... So here is my advice... DON'T DO THAT!!!!

    I personally have sent tickets to evony on a number of occasions, I think 5 in total over the years... and 4 out of the 5 times... I have had the issue rectified within 48 hours... usually within 12 hours- by the following maintenance. The one time i didn't get my issue resolved, I was entirely at fault, I will explain why later. I would just like to clarify that i am not a major coiner- so it's not about preferential treatment, i think i have coined about $150 or so since starting on civony in 2009. I often feel that the issues are the players own fault, and deep down we know that, but want someone to blame- so assume it is evony's fault, and blame them, often to spare our blushes to our alliance and team-mates that we have done something stupid. The most common ones are-

    My city is gone!!! - You probably barbed it by accident instead of a flat. Did you get captured a few days before and not notice and now reports are gone?

    My hero is gone!! - Did you accidentally dismiss it? Did you cap a barb city with it then barb it? Did you attack someone with it who now has it? Did you attack someone with it who has now dismissed it? Did you give your login info to somebody untrustworthy?

    All my heroes are gone!
    ! - Were you botting?- did you trade badly and run out of gold in your city and riot them all away and not notice until the reports have disappeared? Did you get farmed/spammed by someone with gates open until your troops and res were all gone and they rioted away? Did you give your login info to somebody untrustworthy?

    All my resources are gone! - Did you get farmed by a red flag and not notice until the reports were gone? Did you riot your res away?

    In all of these scenarios, you(the player) are entirely to blame.

    But fear not! Just because it's your fault... doesn't mean that evony won't generously restore your heroes/cities.

    Here is my mini-guide on getting a favourable outcome on your ticket.

    It is against forum rules to post tickets on here, so i cannot show you a copy of any of mine, but i will bullet point list the key things that cannot hurt your chances of evony customer care successfully dealing with your ticket.

    You be polite/grovelling and specific with your ticket....Say Sorry to bother you or something, then explain - time/date hero/city went missing. Hero name, rough hero level, city it was in. How it happened- say it was your fault and you're such an idiot, and your kicking yourself, but the loss of the hero will ruin your game experience, years of working on that hero to accidentally lose it by accidentally dismissing etc. You will be sooo grateful blah blah blah- most important- be really polite!

    Note; tickets DO NOT or are MUCH LESS LIKELY to work when you;
    a); Blame someone else. (unless you are filing a 'report abuse' ticket)
    b); Name someone else's account (unless you are filing a 'report abuse' ticket)
    c); Are not polite or respectful of evony staff
    d); Use bad language.
    e); Make demands- 'i will do blahblahblah if i don't get..etc
    f); Cannot give enough detail about the problem VERY IMPORTANT- I will explain more in detail later.
    g); Try and che@t evony This is a big one e.g; If you lose a hero attacking and the defender dismisses it, or stone of finding it back, then dismiss it, then send ticket.
    h); Lie. - Don't waste your time, evony's time, and everybody else's time.
    i); Do not report people for things they have done to you using any function of a bot .... if you yourself are botting. They may have broken the rules to do it to you... but you are also breaking the rules- so you don't have a leg to stand on, they have just done it better than you.

    To sum up;

    • Be Polite - If you were working in a shop, and somebody came to the counter and said 'Where the (expletive) are the baked beans in this useless (expletive) place you (expletive) (expletive)!' Would you be inclined to help them? No? So why should evony staff?

    • Be Contrite - If it was your fault, say so. Accidentally dismissed hero? 'I did something really stupid, i clicked dismiss on my hero, i'm such an idiot! Please don't punish me for one second of idiocy after 5 years of building it, would mean so much to have it back.'

    • Be Very Specific - The easier you make it for them, the better chance of success. For example; I, 'your lord name here' from 'your server here', between xx:30 and xx:40 Server Time, today, the 'Insert Date', accidentally dismissed hero 'Insert Name of Hero' who was roughly level 'rough level here' from city 'city name here'.

    • Use common sense - Don't submit tickets for things that haven't happened,(Lies), trivial things... I'm pretty sure I didn't get an ammie today! Complain about other botters if you are botting. Don't send a ticket when you accidentally dismiss rubbish 200att heroes.. i mean please. Just don't. If it involves Stones of Finding... don't bother!


    • Don't be a **** - Self explanatory

    Remember, if it happened more than 30 days ago.. it's probably too late. If you don't get the result you wanted from your ticket... life goes on, it's just a game. And most importantly- do not pester evony with excessive amounts of tickets... and second polite reminder- 'Sorry to bother you, I still haven't received an update on what happened from my last ticket- ref number xxxxxyyy. May i please have an update. Kind regards, 'your name here'.

    I recently had somebody i did not know access my account against my will. I logged over them after only 7 minutes and immediately changed they didn't do as much damage as they could have if they had wanted to, and i'm sure they could... But they had dropped me out of alliance and dismissed 7 of my best heroes. I sent a polite and VERY detailed ticket to evony using all of the above steps and 8 hours later, all my heroes restored to me and a nice email from evony.

    Thank you evony, I hope others come to see the great customer service I have experienced with evony, and others use my guide to politely send tickets!


    This is not a license to pester evony with tickets. Only send tickets if you have a legitimate problem/grievance. I offer no advice on coining/payment dispute tickets because it is not a field i have any experience in.
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