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Thread: Big Hack on CA1

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    Default Big Hack on CA1 (close up the space to get the total url of the post)

    As you know, dozens of accounts on CA1 and other servers were hacked Tuesday night. Players lost whole accounts, cities were npc'd and troops dismissed.
    There has been no response to the numerous help tickets sent to Evony... and this during a time of their special promotion trying to get people to buy coins. Why would anyone spend money on a game if the host doesn't protect their assets from hackers? Why wouldn't those whose accounts were hacked contact PayPal and other such services to get back cents already spent? After all, Evony banning those accounts now merely hurts the hacker.

    While Evony's sudden addition of a verification code needed to change passwords is welcome, it is not enough. Evony needs to roll back CA1 and other affected servers to Tuesday immediately so that those that lost assets to this major hack will be made whole.

    (The above is a copy/paste of a post on Facebook - reproduced with permission of the writer)

    Personally, I am very disappointed that Evony did not notify its users of the data hack of 33 MILLION accounts! Dozens of accounts were destroyed Tuesday evening. Several were destroyed yesterday and at least 7 more accounts were hacked and destroyed again today. Numerous tickets have been sent to Evony on this issue with no response other than the canned "wait 5 days." This is not adequate. Take action today or you may lose all your paying players.

    PS: I really didn't want to take this to the forum, but Evony's lack of any acknowledgement of the situation made it necessary.
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    Well, I see we have our usual non-response from Evony as more accounts are being trashed. I guess we're just going to have to hit you in the pocket book...


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