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Thread: The first Punk president.

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    Default The first Punk president.

    Let me emphasize first that I write this as a Canadian and Quebecois. So to speak, from afar (though admittedly not very far...).

    What do I mean by Punk president? I, like many others I presume, had a hard time defining Donald Trump as he doesn't fit in any category I am familiar or had experience with in terms of 'head of state'. Other politicians have been as rogue before, perhaps even more so, but those did not enjoy much success and remained more or less on the fringes.

    But observing his behavior both during the campaing and as president elect, I was beginning to form a picture. And I found myself remembering a fairly recent interview Bob Geldoff, he of Band-Aid and Live-Aid fame, gave on British tv on the Thatcher years in the later part of the last century. Now bear in mind that Geldoff at the time was NO fan of Maggie. At all.

    But today, in his own words, 'looking back on it, that woman was the ultimate punk' in his opinion. And he means it as a compliment. Why does he say so? Because no person or dogma of the establishment was safe from her. Whether it was the old guard Tories or Labour, big trade unions or the old boys of The City, so-cia-lism and big government, the same old way of dealing with the Irish or the Cold War or NATO... Thatcher just came up to all those with her little handbag and toppled the old pillars of the temple. And changed the direction of British society radically.

    Those of us old enough to remember British society in the 70's know, in spite of brilliant artistic achievements, that this was going downhill fast. A society of entitled 'victims' all clamoring for the state to do something for them while at each other's throat. A lot like the US today in fact... Seems to me that is bound to happen whenever the liberal left remains too long in power. Specially if the supposed right is nothing more than a less radical version of the same, which was certainly the case of the 'Me Too' Tories back then.

    That is one of the things I never thought I'd see in my life you know. To see the United States become a society of victims. The proverbial land of opportunity, reduced to this... And I don't only blame Barrack Obama for this. The whole intellectual-media-cultural elite is to blame. And the population for accepting such a state of affairs for so long. In short, Americans have only themselves to blame for the current state of their society, as did the British in the 70's.

    That is why, I believe, Donald Trump and the Republicans won. I believe Americans sensed a radical change in direction is in order. And found their punk to shake the pillars of the temple. Indeed, I think both the opportunity and the right man converge here. What remains to be seen is whether my historic parallel with Thatcher will be valid in the years to come. For the sake of Americans, whom I like and admire, I certainly hope so.

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