Let's make something clear. Climate is not static, never has been, never will. Some argue it's behavior is constrained within the boundaries of a strange attractor, but this would just make sure it never repeated itself in all details. At any rate the argument is not whether or not climate changes, but how much impact can be attributed to human activity. That is the question to resolve if we can. Okay?

Now leave that aside for a moment.

And look at human nature itself.

There has always been a portion of people, in all societies and at all times, who somehow convince themselves their mission on Earth is to save humanity from itself. I call them the Shepherds after the term used in catholic imagery. Indeed, such people have for the longest time been part of the clergy, any clergy. The gifts of intelligence and education often being the purlieu of individuals recruited and trained by religion, historically speaking.

Such people, such Shepherds, have always warned and browbeaten and scared their fellow humans into following doctrines and changing behavior in order to 'save' them and the rest of humanity along with them. 'The Gods Are Angry!! Catastrophe Is Upon Us!!'

This whole phenomenon expanded into political theory starting in the 19th century and the advent of so******m and communism. Disciples of Marx and later Lenin, and of both, could be even more zealous than Torquemada in 'saving people from themselves'. And in our western society, political theory has taken more and more importance as religion been less and less a priority. That is specially true of Shepherds. Who are born to guide. And educate. And 'save'. In spite of their fellow human if necessary.

Anyone looking for the root cause of the Left's intolerance need look no further.

And so, Shepherds looking for a cause have in recent decades turned to ecology and climatology. I firmly believe the utter political and financial bankruptcy of the former Soviet-Union and the Eastern Bloc have, for the younger generation, been a powerful cause of non-scientific Shepherds espousing climate change as a new avenue to exercise their zealotry.
Although enough would have found that path nevertheless.

And so, I guess my main point is that in trying to understand your society, human nature is a major component of reality. Ignoring it only perpetuates it's deplorable vagaries.