Where to start

Does anyone at evony respond to complaints, or issues?

Many people have submitted tickets to evony for various issues, such as disappearing coins, heroes and accounts, and no one has been responded to. Not a single person.

Is it over? you guys ending the game? Or no one working at Evony anymore?

You know over the years Evony has continously blamed players.. even me, uhhmm Mr Mata.
Why does no one answer tickets?
I honestly know of no other online game with little to no customer service. I just dont get it.

I have a teamate who cannot log into his account. His own account and email. And no word from Evony. Not a single response. Can you explain that?

another teamate lost 870 coins. They just disappeared overnight. And previously a few weeks before he lost his Poli hero same way. Just overnight.

I can list other examples.
The issue isnt glitches, that happens. The issue is no reply, no one there... total abandonment.

Can you at all explain that Mr Mata?

And then funny thing is, you want to expand to cellphone games etc. You dont at all believe that potential players wont look up Evony and check what others are saying about it??

Like really?