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Thread: Sweat of the Sun Upkeep Buff

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    Default Sweat of the Sun Upkeep Buff

    I tried to apply my Sweat of the Sun upkeep buff today (2 July) and was told they expired 24 Jun 2017.

    The Evony blog for this promo says that the Sweat of the Sun is good until 8 July. The item itself, in our items list, when we hover over it with the mouse, says that the timer will expire on 8 July. For the past several years, buffs have carried a maximum stackability of 5 days. This means that, logically, it should be permissible to add to the pile up until 3 July (so that 8 July is 5 days later). Why tell people the buff will function until 8 July if it gets disabled 14 days earlier ????? I was holding off applying it until food prices recovered from rock bottom levels and I could make some profit selling my surplus. The blog and the item code itself were totally false and misleading in their language and I feel cheated. Can you please re-open this item and give us time to use them up properly? Thank you.

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    You are yelling into an empty abyss, I wish you luck on your journey for a reply from anyone with Evony.

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    You only wish Evony was an abyss - it is actually a black hole.

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