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Thread: SS65 merge. not even 50 people playing.

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    Evony is a game whose time has come and gone.

    In the words of Leonard McCoy: "It's Dead, Jim"

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    no one is listening. heck, evony staff won't even announce when a new server opens. for the past several servers, going back over a year, we had to depend on players to announce a new server opening. if that doesn't suggest that the fat lady is finished singing then nothing does. i just feel sorry for all of you who have spent so much money on this game that you can't bring yourselves to walk away. like the gambler who stays too long at the table, trying to recuperate his losses. it's just sad sad sad. but don't blame evony for your sorrows, blame yourselves. you wanted bots, you wanted alts, you wanted to spend spend spend, just so you could wipe out the little guy. you ruined the game for everyone. now us little guys are laughing laughing laughing--at you! in fact, i only come to these forums so i can read and laugh at all the complaints from those who are just too stupid to swim away from a ship that sank 4-5 years ago.

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    i will come back if thier will be life

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    If as many as five individual people are playing a server, that's an active server.

    Each player will average 300+ lords, so there should be some serious farming happening.


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