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Thread: Amulet on 200

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    Default Amulet on 200

    Hey Evony, I notice you not only wiped out all the level 5 npc's now, nut you never gave us the amulet for today being Wednesday August 9th. What's that all about?

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    lol, are you saying 200 is having issues?

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    troops double
    you use an empty city n put draftable troops in 1mile valley
    need thunderraids 4 per try
    has a 50/50 chance of success
    69% draftable seems about the best
    Also 3 to 4 troop types is the best.
    Also on my experience troops under 50 million have a higher chance of cucess
    there should be no movement in the city and no builds
    also clear troops queue cleartroopqueues 0
    clear wall building defense if they are building "no movement on city at all" \qkillwall

    untrain w:2
    sleep 99999

    setsilence true
    set securityCode xxxxx
    set junk $m_city.actionFactory.getSecurityCommands().authSe curityCode(%securityCode%)$
    set junk $m_city.actionFactory.getSecurityCommands().setUnl ockOption(31)$

    If you need resouirces food to move troops out, then dismiss troops. After all you will double them anyway so that is a million phracts dismissed here and there.

    setsilence true
    label start
    iferror $[0]$ goto start
    set time $[0].reachTime$
    set x {{{%time%-$c.getRawTime()$}/1000}-0.5}
    echo "Waiting for %x% seconds to use strat"
    sleep $c.math.max(0,%x%)$
    set z player.trick.qlbx
    set a $ dId,[0].armyId,c.getVar(z))$
    repeat 4
    label wait
    iferror $%a%.ok$ goto wait
    echo Success!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick Brown View Post
    lol, are you saying 200 is having issues?
    When is 200 not having issues. We deal with lags all the time. Now they gave us the dumbest promotion there ever was.

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    Evony has checked out on its own game - I suggest you move on

    Why play a "game" that can't be played, has so many glitches that there is no pint of building troops or leveling heroes, and there are literally 500 times as many bot accounts as players?


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