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Thread: Have you Americans gone insane? Or Stalinist?

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    Default Have you Americans gone insane? Or Stalinist?

    I've always been an admirer of the US.

    All of a sudden, it is INTOLERABLE to have, and in the middle of Virginia at that, a park named after and a statue of Robert E. Lee.

    Just as it's now INTOLERABLE to have toilets labeled 'men' and 'women'. Or to have a son and call him a male. Or even to have an original opinion. Just as it was INTOLERABLE to even criticize Barrack Obama, it is now INTOLERABLE to find anything positive to say about Donald Trump. Hell, accepting the result of an election is now INTOLERABLE.

    Don't you know that when enough people no longer want elections, you don't get them anymore?? Is that what you crave? A one party state? The USSA? The Union of States of America?

    What the hell is wrong with you?

    I wouldn't bother about american domestic political currents if they didn't spill over massively up here in Canada. But they do. As if we weren't so.cialst enough... I envy Australians. They live far away from your current madness.

    I can't stop you folks. Do what you want. It's your country. Only try to remember what that country of yours has been to the world. And should still be. The great experiment. To what end? TO SET HUMANKIND FREE.

    You hear that?


    Stupid retards...
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    lol, I agree - we have become a country of "Causes"

    People latch onto these imaginary "Causes" and try to become "Important" and "Make Change"

    Nearly 100% of the time, none is needed or wanted

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    So apparently being a fucking nazi is acceptable in 2017?

    Also, why is it that the same group of people whining about the "cupcake generation" and participation trophies are also the same people who demand we have statues celebrating the losers of the Civil War?

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    Free speech must be free for all

    Offensive speech is relative, and once some is banned any can be banned

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    troops double
    you use an empty city n put draftable troops in 1mile valley
    need thunderraids 4 per try
    has a 50/50 chance of success
    69% draftable seems about the best
    Also 3 to 4 troop types is the best.
    Also on my experience troops under 50 million have a higher chance of cucess
    there should be no movement in the city and no builds
    also clear troops queue cleartroopqueues 0
    clear wall building defense if they are building "no movement on city at all" \qkillwall

    untrain w:2
    sleep 99999

    setsilence true
    set securityCode xxxxx
    set junk $m_city.actionFactory.getSecurityCommands().authSe curityCode(%securityCode%)$
    set junk $m_city.actionFactory.getSecurityCommands().setUnl ockOption(31)$

    If you need resouirces food to move troops out, then dismiss troops. After all you will double them anyway so that is a million phracts dismissed here and there.

    setsilence true
    label start
    iferror $[0]$ goto start
    set time $[0].reachTime$
    set x {{{%time%-$c.getRawTime()$}/1000}-0.5}
    echo "Waiting for %x% seconds to use strat"
    sleep $c.math.max(0,%x%)$
    set z player.trick.qlbx
    set a $ dId,[0].armyId,c.getVar(z))$
    repeat 4
    label wait
    iferror $%a%.ok$ goto wait
    echo Success!

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    agree 100%. they all want a right without a responsibility and the rest of the world is following suit instead of realizing they've all gone insane or retarded

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    Its the end of the US. The faster Americans realize this the better for all. You gave the US to corporations and the rich. Now they will use that country to wage wars all over. Watch

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    haven't been on here in a long time, but totally agree with you. it is crazy what the left and democrats have done to this country. lets hope Trump can withstand the weather and finish his 2 terms get as much cleaned up as possible. I think if they ever get those that have created and broken our laws or tried to circumvent them are taken to court and punished, things will start to fall in place again as it should have been. it's really a shame, and I place it all on greed and wanting power and control over the people. not going to happen.


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