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Thread: Have you Americans gone insane? Or Stalinist?

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    Default Have you Americans gone insane? Or Stalinist?

    I've always been an admirer of the US.

    All of a sudden, it is INTOLERABLE to have, and in the middle of Virginia at that, a park named after and a statue of Robert E. Lee.

    Just as it's now INTOLERABLE to have toilets labeled 'men' and 'women'. Or to have a son and call him a male. Or even to have an original opinion. Just as it was INTOLERABLE to even criticize Barrack Obama, it is now INTOLERABLE to find anything positive to say about Donald Trump. Hell, accepting the result of an election is now INTOLERABLE.

    Don't you know that when enough people no longer want elections, you don't get them anymore?? Is that what you crave? A one party state? The USSA? The Union of States of America?

    What the hell is wrong with you?

    I wouldn't bother about american domestic political currents if they didn't spill over massively up here in Canada. But they do. As if we weren't so.cialst enough... I envy Australians. They live far away from your current madness.

    I can't stop you folks. Do what you want. It's your country. Only try to remember what that country of yours has been to the world. And should still be. The great experiment. To what end? TO SET HUMANKIND FREE.

    You hear that?


    Stupid retards...
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