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Thread: Customer Support?

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    Default Customer Support?

    Who do I speak to in getting my password changed on my accounts?

    I tried submitting a ticket back in June which got no response and tried changing it manually, but Evony wouldn't send a verification email to my email account.

    Should I just give up hope?

    I guess suspending me for a day changed me...NOT

    Ardee, you will be missed.

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    No one from Evony knows this board exists. I don't think it even has moderators now. You could try to post on the forum for thier new game, or maybe dig around for a phone number.

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    troops double
    you use an empty city n put draftable troops in 1mile valley
    need thunderraids 4 per try
    has a 50/50 chance of success
    69% draftable seems about the best
    Also 3 to 4 troop types is the best.
    Also on my experience troops under 50 million have a higher chance of cucess
    there should be no movement in the city and no builds
    also clear troops queue cleartroopqueues 0
    clear wall building defense if they are building "no movement on city at all" \qkillwall

    untrain w:2
    sleep 99999

    setsilence true
    set securityCode xxxxx
    set junk $m_city.actionFactory.getSecurityCommands().authSe curityCode(%securityCode%)$
    set junk $m_city.actionFactory.getSecurityCommands().setUnl ockOption(31)$

    If you need resouirces food to move troops out, then dismiss troops. After all you will double them anyway so that is a million phracts dismissed here and there.

    setsilence true
    label start
    iferror $[0]$ goto start
    set time $[0].reachTime$
    set x {{{%time%-$c.getRawTime()$}/1000}-0.5}
    echo "Waiting for %x% seconds to use strat"
    sleep $c.math.max(0,%x%)$
    set z player.trick.qlbx
    set a $ dId,[0].armyId,c.getVar(z))$
    repeat 4
    label wait
    iferror $%a%.ok$ goto wait
    echo Success!

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    more like customer leave the game dying for your loyal fans service


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