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I'm shocked anyone is active here or in the actual game. I finally gave up after like 8 years
I hear ya. I'm probably going to reset soon too since it's my original account. The game hasn't been very good for years (pre- (lag,fleet,breakgates,and poisons)), but even then players like myself and few others always kept it in balance by keeping the no-lifers with their 100s of alts and bullying-style tactics in their place. But now, Evony basically nuked their game with the horde item, so all the no-lifers continue to play for some reason and run over everyone cause you can't simply defend bad players who attack daily (having no other hobbies) without having millions of troops (like you could before horde items). There's 10x less balance for a game that never was really balanced well at all, and who wants to play a game like that?! Not many, :P