I come here once in a blue moon to see whats new and to see who's still around here. Notta going on these days and with Flash ending i am afraid Evony's days are all but numbered. They may push 1 more final server out but i doubt it. This game has positively impacted a lot of our lives and I really enjoyed the times when I played it. Don't let the friendships end just because the game inevitably is. This is the last post I will ever make. I might follow up to it for a week but after that I wont be back. For those still lurking on these forums I wish you a goodbye. All the beast in your future endeavors

Few shoutouts

Pocalypse - Thanks for all the fun. Sorry we never got to go deep in a server

Warcrimez - Miss the old days. Hope all is well with you.

T1nkles - RL friend, passed away last year. Love and miss ya everyday.

Crixus - Your a rich mofo who is prolly one of the nicest people I ever met in the game.

SSF/Acer - Thanks for keeping this place in line. Wish I could have played deeper with SSF and would have enjoyed playing with you Acer.

For the last time