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Thread: Making my own MMORTS inspired by evony

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    Default Making my own MMORTS inspired by evony

    I had some fun with evony age 1 back in the 2009 days. Currently learning to code using html5 and javascript and decided to make my own MMORTS to get

    better with programming, been working on it for a week a couple of hours a day. Working on some backend stuff at the moment, setting up user database and what not.

    clicking play now takes the user to a login/register page

    once the user logs in, he is prompted to selected a server.

    once a server is selected the user is either taken to the main game or redirected to signup with an in-game user name

    Going through a tough time right now, so only working on it a few hours a day, I'm also a beginner, so I'm hoping to get a playable alpha out within the next 6 weeks.

    If anyone with some php or sql experience would like to help my pms are open

    I will try hard to make this game bot free, so users won't have to play 10+ hours a day to compete with bots. I know that's wishful thinking,

    but coding this project has been extremely fun and I can't wait to release it.

    Edit: Prepare yourselves for Evony age 1 v2 without bots and extreme coiners

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    Will absolutely beta this if you are looking for testers. pm me if you want to talk. I'm also an experienced server administrator if I can be of any help. I'm no good in the coding aspect but will do whatever I can to help. I've been waiting for an announcement like this for a long time and look forward to the game.

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    Will do, found a great community of some fullstack devs willing to help, going through a bit of a rough patch now with work, but things are looking up.

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    Why? Why would you attempt to try and remake this flash game from hell?

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    it's like Frankenstein.........

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    It look nice, do u have any idea how to avoid bots? The game will be different inside? I mean building, fighting and so on. You will use only html?


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