Hey Everyone,

With whispers of server merges, rumours always popping up in WC I decided to see if Evony would even respond to a mail and this is what I got.

Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting Evony Customer Service.

I have read your suggestion and already transferred your request to the Dev Team. Evony Customer Service Team do as much as we can to give your request priority. If you can have your suggestion posted on the forum and get many other players on board, Dev Team will take it more seriously. I hope you can understand the decision towards such idea is beyond Customer Service.

Thank you for your understanding!

Best Regards,


Customer Service

Evony Team

Ok, so here is my forum post and ask for a round up of the people floating around on dead servers to pop in here and ask for Evony Team or Ray to here us asking for a merger. Now we don't want a SuperLag server or another server loaded with alt farmers and over crowding so maybe we ask for a few extra things since we have their attention. I'll toss some ideas up and you can post pages of why they won't work or are no good. Sound like fun?

Ok, so to rid ourselves of players bringing 100 + alts with them why don't we ask Evony Team to raise the resource limits we can hold.....maybe double them would be a good start.
Why not add a new free item or even a purchase item ($$$$) where when used on any account over 5 years old, all items, resources and coin transfer to another account upon resetting of the first account (Heroes would have to be passed). The age thing is to deter people from making new accounts to get items.....Why bring over 10 alts when I can condense them into one great account. With resource limits doubled there would be less need for alts.

At least lets start the conversation and let people speak up and add in their thoughts.....

ss38 is down to about 30-40 active players and we want to hear from you and of course Ray!